Monday, November 19, 2012

Insanity workout

For all of you who read my blog often you know I was once into Crossfit and have since joined a kickboxing/boxing gym locally.  I love the workout and have seen some of the most amazing results in less then 5 weeks of going 3-4 days a week for one hour.  I have lost inches all over and am down 2-3 pant sizes. I love the work out, not only am I getting into the best shape yet I sleep better, have more energy, wake up feeling energetic, feel less body aches and have become all around better health wise.  I feel happy, healthy and look great.

I have a hectic schedule even though I am a stay at home mom cause my husband works a lot of hours and is not home much, so that leaves me with the bulk of not just cooking and cleaning, but running the kids to and from school, sports practices and events.  Some nights I just can't fit the gym in and have been looking for something other then my treadmill for a workout.  The treadmill is good but I have now gotten to where I want that amazing hard core workout I get at the gym.  I was contacted by someone from and ended up checking into the site to see what it was all about.  They sell a lot of at home work outs like P90X and Insanity.  I am not big into DVD's and had P90X that I borrowed from a friend it wasn't for me, but the Insanity workout has a lot of the same things we do in our cardio and warm up then core training at the boxing/kickboxing classes.

I am going to look into getting this program to try for 60 days.  I think they have a 30 day free trial and if you don't like it or see results you can get a refund.  It is expensive but a 1/4 of what I paid to join the gym for 7 months.  I do like going to the gym and having that extra push so I don't give up or wimp out but now I am hooked on working out and like the way I feel.  I think this is great alternative for the nights or days I can't make it to the gym.  I will keep you posted if I end up getting this product then I will keep a log on my blog along with photos, measurements and videos.  I will also give you my review and honest truth on what I think of the product.

Check out their site here Beachbody They have a few different DVD programs to try and Insanity is just one of those.  Just from the workout I get at the gym I go to this is pretty close and it works amazing.  I am sweating within 3-5 minutes at the gym and that is warming up.  I always warm up on the treadmill or another cardio machine for 15 minutes and stretch before each class.  I think this is going to be an amazing investment for anyone looking to get into shape that doesn't have the spare time or money to join the gym.  Especially us stay at home mom's.  I know I am more determined then ever at 35 to get into the best shape ever.  I have always been skinny and small, gifted with fast metabolism but even after two kids being a size 2/3 my body was never as toned as before my second daughter except for when I worked out.

Stay posted I will have more to come on this=).  Thank you to Cara from Beachbody for contacting me so I would check this out, I hope to get to try this and have review for everyone soon.  Let me know if you are struggling to get back into shape and what you do for working out, products you have tried, what you like, what doesn't work for you etc.  Try kickboxing/boxing cardio it is amazing and life changing..


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  1. Please let me know how this works for you, I have been considering buying this for awhile but it is expensive. I have heard and read mixed reviews but I know you will be honest and I know you aren't one to spend a lot of money on something unless it is worth it or you find a deal. Also please post where the best prices are to purchase it, I am sure by now you have looked all over and found it for less then the retail cost. Love your blog and love to read about everything from beauty, nail polishes, home decorating, your crafts, working out, fashion trends and best places to shop. I have never been big into blogs but searched a couple things and was led back to your blog both times since then I read daily. Thank you again.