Thursday, November 22, 2012

Black friday or angry early friday/thanksgiving lol

I decided since me and my husband have always gone in the passed years for black friday to go just for the heck of it.  Usually in the past we were looking for tv's, electronics or expensive gadgets that were worth the fight, and we enjoyed it.  Always had good experiences between lucky parking, beating the crazy lines and always getting what we wanted in and out quick.  I wasn't really looking for anything special but was missing the adrenaline rush of it lol.

My oldest daughter wants a pair of the Dr. Dre Beats headphones so Walmart claimed that at 10 p.m. they would have them for $179.95 instead of the usual $199.95 or whatever 90 it is lol.  I also wanted some stupid miscellaneous stuff like new tupperware cause I throw mine out every few months and they are super cheap on black friday.  I also wanted some Monster High Dolls and other little items from the flyer.  I got lucky cause I went with my mom who has a temporary disabled parking permit so we had front row parking, went after 8 when they opened closer to 9 since the headphones said 10.  When we got there I asked and of course they never got any headphones in but other then that I got lucky with everything else I wanted.  I even got lucky cause I grabbed a couple of the other Monster High Dolls that were not suppose to be on sale cause I ran into a lady who told me cause they didn't have enough of the sale ones the store marked down the $24.98 ones to $10 so people were not so mad, plus I found two of the sale ones in the back of box with blankets my mom wanted.  Someone must have put them down.

I left with 10 items for $78 and my total savings was 64!  That is pretty good almost half off the retail price.  No headphones, but then there is cyber Monday lol.  If not $20 won't break the bank.   My mom wanted to go to Toys R Us and it didn't look bad from out front, we found front row parking again but as soon as we walked in and glanced over the flyer then saw the 90 plus people standing in line to pay I told her never mind, all I was there for was cheap little toys for my 5 year old.  Forget the hour line for a few dollars off.   I am happy to say I am pretty much done shopping for my kids.  Got to get the headphones, then buying my little one a tablet, either Samsung or the new Kindle Fire HD.  She is always playing with my Ipad and between her, then my oldest on my MacBook I hardly ever get to use either of my own gadgets.  Decided I would take care of that, got my oldest a laptop for her birthday this weekend, we have a hook up in Miami where we got security cameras for our house so got her an awesome HP laptop cause for school she uses the windows system a lot.  My Macbook has the virtual PC so she can use it but now she has her own.  She got one in fourth grade but ended up breaking the screen so we ended up getting a wire for her tv so she could use it then she started using my MacBook. Then my little one is always with the Ipad and it scares me cause I hate to even think of her dropping that a breaking it.  I have been looking for some time, we have a nook color for my oldest and saw the Kindle Fire HD for the price it is as nice as an Ipad especially for a five year old lol.

Well, that is my experience with the pre Black Friday.  I got my fix and am home decorating my two Christmas trees and house for the holidays, about to lay down.  Had a full week of decorating for clients and baking, then a full day of baking, cooking and decorating my own house.  My oldest daughter turns 13 this weekend, she was a thanksgiving baby I had her on Thanksgiving day 13 years ago, greatest blessing I have ever had and of course my baby, the youngest also.  It was an amazing holiday.  Had a great day with the family.  Looking forward to Christmas and our vacation for the New Year to North Carolina for some cabin, snow and mountain time.  Off to finish up here and head to bed.  It is actually cold I am outside typing and it is windy feels like 50's out.  Hope everyone had a Happy Thanksgiving and has a safe day shopping for Black Friday.  Would love to hear about your experiences. Goodnight all xoxo


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