Saturday, November 17, 2012

Landscaping time

I am always redecorating inside and outside of my home.  Planning to update the paint on the house but recently ripped out the old landscaping and since my dad use to own a lawnservice/landscaping company it is something I love to do.  Always reminds me of being a kid and helping him with jobs or working with him and that makes me feel happy.

For the longest time since I moved into this house have been trying to decide what to do with this small area between the fence and the pool deck we ripped out the grass and put in rocks with lights, some fox tail palms and then added some tropical style plants.  Since then the stuff has gotten over grown and really isn't what I wanted.  I have been looking for ideas and finally came up with what I want.  I love orchids and have a lot of them I have gotten over the passed five years.  Every time they bloom they make me happy.  I always use to think I killed them when the flowers all died and I was left with a couple green leaves and sticks.  I was never patient enough to keep this ugly stick and leaves long enough for the new blooms to come until I decided I needed to make an area on my patio for them to see what would happen.  I finally got all of them blooming once a year and a couple bloom twice.  They are so amazing.

I want to pull out the plants I have there now and remove all the rocks.  Then I want to put down stones like stepping stones but more like the ones you see in pretty gardens that aren't right up against each other but rather spaced apart and have grass, moss or mulch between them, then leave the foxtail Palms and put a asian inspired Pergola or Arbor.  That way I have a covered area off of the patio to sit and to put my orchids.  I can hang some and make shelves for the rest.  Big enough that I can have seating under it to enjoy the weather, lake view and pool.  Something tranquil.  I want a little waterfall so I can have the sound of running water and then I have tons of buddha's, pagoda house that is huge and some other cool asian statues.  I have an awesome foo dog next to my pool I found at Homegood's for $28 four years ago, had been looking for something similar cause I have an odd shaped pool but online they were over $100.  Over time these pieces fade from the sun, so plan to paint them with some spray paint in nice tranquil but eye catching colors that pop.

My patio is more moroccan themed then asian, cause I love the jewel tons, the gorgeous lanterns with bright colored glass and the pillows with bright colors.  I plan to merge the moroccan and asian influence and make it more of a worldly look.  Think a lot of pillows, lanters, tiki guys, wind chimes, statues and I have an amazing outdoor fireplace I got 4 years ago after Christmas on clearance for $60 from $400.  That is a great thing about Florida when winter comes they still mark down stuff from summer and vise versa with during summer the winter stuff goes on sale.  It doesn't get very cold here but we get some cool fronts sometimes even as low as the 40-50's so I love to burn a fire.  I even have a fake fireplace in my family room.  One day I hope to have a real one but gas wood burning is to much work for me lol.

I have some photos of some Pergola's I like and am on the hunt.  I found someone online who can custom make one for you and not super expensive cause this way it will fit the long but narrow space perfect.  I don't want a swing in it but liked a photo of one with the swing cause I like the covers used on it.  This is something I plan to work on after I decorate for the holidays and will post photos.  I know it isn't my usual topics like clothing, sales, polish, beauty etc but it is something I am excited about.  Decorating is something I love and is my first passion next to baking and event planning along with making wreaths, crafts and centerpieces.  I want to share that with everyone cause lots of people like to decorate and landscape as well=).  Let me know which ones you like!

I like this one a lot, the color of the pvc, the red cover and has that asian look, just want something bigger and no swing.

I love this one above with the yellow and the other one with the swing and red, I want the same type of covers for the roof.  I like this size also but think I may want pvc cause wood doesn't last long here, gets faded and I have stained it, sealed it etc.

This one is also gorgeous=).

All photos are from, and from a local guy who custom makes them in Broward County.

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