Thursday, November 8, 2012

Murad skin system for female adult acne

I always had clear gorgeous skin then I had my last daughter five years ago around the same time I hit thirty. I have been super lucky no gray hairs and no wrinkles really to complain about. I have tried so many products from Neutrogena, Pro Activ and many other drug store or high end brands. A couple months ago when at Ulta I was recommended the Murad clarifying cleanser and their system for acne prone skin. Keep in mind I wear very little makeup usually I only wear eyeliner, mascara, bronzed of winter and some lipgloss unless I'm going out somewhere fancy or an event then I wear some extra but I have a great complexion and have never needed foundation.

I only breakout on my chin it I weird but my dermatologist told me this is normal for women over 30 and is hormonal acne. Unfortunately I have gotten it under control but not without scarring:(. I have been using the Murad clarifying cleanser along with Mario Badescu drying lotion for trouble zits and that is a miracle. Today I am going to buy the kit with toner and moisturizer. I use Neutrogena ultra sheer dry touch 70 SPF sunblock moisturizer in am and smooth 365 and vivite in the the evening for clarifying, smoothing and moisturizing. Love both products. The smooth 365 came from kohls and the vivite is super expensive I purchase this from my doctor. I also use Roc eye cream with retin a and younger lips cream cause I use to be a smoker and don't want those wrinkles and lines around my mouth one day.

The Murad has changed my skin amazingly and I would recommend this over proactive any day. They have a small sample size kit that I got and it lasted me 60 days or more, it is less expensive then the pro active kits an works way better. Pro active dried out my skin and made it look red. This was not flattering at all. Only pro active product I like is the green tea moisturizer and the dark spot eliminator but there are many similar products out that for less and work just as good.

Murad is sold online at their website or I got my kit at Ulta where I will be goin today before my dr appointment to grab some more love it

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