Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Zoya Jade

Got home from kickboxing tonight and wanted to try one of my new zoya shades. Went with the sparkly red Zoya Jade. I didn't clean up any polish on sides or cuticles yet was a quick application cause I am beat, so glad tomorrow starts my weekend and my oldest daughter will be 13 on Sunday:). Feel like I'm getting old lol.

I applied one coat of Butter London nail foundation base coat, then two coats of Zoya Jade and finished off with a coat of Poshe quick dry, shiny top coat that doesn't yellow! Love Poshe and love me some Zoya. This color is gorgeous I need to start using my new 3in1 lense for iPhone or my camera. I can't capture the true beauty and shimmer to a lot of polishes. I want to sample the martini polish my daughter got in her Ipsy Beauty bag I subscribed to for her for her birthday.

Also canceling my julep maven box I think after December. Just not impressed with product, what you get for cost and customer service. I think if it was $10 for two polishes maybe but $20 is too much for a polish I don't use really. Chips right away usually, colors are super thick and I don't care for the brush.

Anyways this Zoya polish is super pretty and can't wait to use it with my green for the holidays I have Ivanna and it has same sparkle and will look good together for Christmas. I also when I have time want to do candy cane stripes:). Maybe this weekend after I finish a long weekend of decorating and celebrating my oldest daughter's special birthday:).  Tomorrow I plan to pass by Ulta to get Zoya Blaze and Zoya Aurora from the ornate collection.  These were on my list to get today but my usual supply store was out of these two colors so I only got the Zoya Storm from the Ornate collection.  I was also tempted to pick up an OPI gray from the German Collection and I was looking at the China Glaze Cirque collection but none of them really stood out to me from the swatches they had in the store or from the bottle appearance, going to look around online for swatches on blogs, those usually help me decide which colors I like.  I also plan to order some England colors and want to get some more The Hits colors.  Will post tomorrow what I decided to get=)

Hope everyone has a great Wednesday and happy thanksgiving, I'm sure I will post before then. Xoxo

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