Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Butter London Aston

Excuse my hands and nails been taking boxing/kickboxing classes. Broke a few nails and my hands have been a mess getting use to gloves then the wraps. Haven't had any blisters like some people have mentioned at class but hands have been messed up a little long nails are not ideal lol.

I decided to go with something neutral and simple this week so went with Butter London Aston which is a gorgeous shade almost a pink mauve color with a gorgeous shimmer to it. I applied one coat of Sally Hansen base coat which is to strengthen nails also then applied two costs of Butter London Aston followed by one coat of Out The Door top coat. My last color chipped super quick which I have to say was a mess, it was the julep polish I got in the matte suede finish lasted one night then the next day almost every nail had chips, worst part is it was a pain to remove took a lot of scrubbing but peeled so easy was weird. I used their matte top coat also so maybe that is why.

Love this color and love all the Butter London products:). Will post some more photos of the Joby nail art decals next post and if you won the contest I have shipped out the prizes for the ones I have addresses for a couple I don't have the address for my email got messed up and can't retrieve some of the responses please re email me if I haven't emailed you that it was shipped and send your address. My email is dlitefulcreations@ymail.com or dlitefultrends@gmail.com I get the dlitefulcreations emails on my phone so that is best one to send it to:) have a great week. Xoxo


  1. love this post! and love your blog :) Following GFC

  2. Thank you so much=). I will follow you also and check out your blog.