Monday, November 12, 2012

Marc Jacobs Deals

I have been wanting a Marc Jacobs Dr Q Lil Riz bag forever.  By the time I saw the bag it had already been marked down and sold out all over.  I have so many purses, I am a accessory kind of girl.  I love clothes and beauty products, but my passion is shoes, glasses, jewelry, scarves, hair things and stuff like that.  I missed the groupon deal for the half price Marc Jacobs sunglasses, so I ended up finding this awesome black and gray ones on Ebay for $40 plus free shipping, great deal.  Then I found my almost $500 purse on Ebay in Gray which is the color I wanted, or brown since I already have so many blue, white, black, cream and mettalic, along with bright colors like red, purple and pink.  I also have a lot of brown but would have liked a new brown guess hubby can get me one I been spying at Michael Kors for Christmas=).  Anyways, the purse was $140 with $5.00 shipping.  I will post photos the end of this week when they arrive for now just have the Ebay listing photos.  I love Ebay and I love this time of year.

I also love sales, deals and paying way less then retail for amazing products.


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