Thursday, May 30, 2013

Arm candy

Wanted to start posting some of my favorite accessories and decided to do the posts about one specific accessory at a time. Tonight I am posting some photos of some of my favorite bracelets. I couldn't post all of my stuff because you would probably just get bored, but some of my favorites right now are featured below.

I love to wear bracelets with watches, and combine bangles with delicate threaded bracelets and pearls. I like a little of everything. Most of my watches are silver, white gold or titanium. I love silver finishes but recently got into rose gold and even a little yellow gold.

I love crosses, hamsas, infinity and eternity symbols, hearts, eyes, saints all kinds of different types of cute charms and designs. I have a pandora bracelet my hubby started a few years ago and I also have two Brighton charm bracelets I had before Pandora got huge. I love leather wrap bracelets, my favorite are my Tory Burch, but also have some no name brand ones I love too.

I love delicate bracelets that almost look like hair bands with charms, I have some from Juicy and some I got off EBay:). Bangles of course and tennis bracelets with sparkling diamonds or cz's always look nice. I have silver beads and pearl bracelets I enjoy wearing with color beads. I really have no explanation to my bracelets and arm candy style. Sometimes I just throw on a watch and my pandora bracelet other times I mix and match coordinating bracelets to my outfits or my handbag. It all depends on my mood. I try not to do to many because I get annoyed if they make noise or pull on the hair on my arms lol.

What is your favorite arm candy? I love watches, I have to say my favorite is my Movado which I bought myself. I also love large face boyfriend style watches like my Michael Kors and no name brands as well. I have two watches on my wish list now so maybe soon I will have a new addition:). I love the MK bracelet link watches in rose gold and tortoise it is gorgeous. Love it.

Enjoy my photos and let me know if you want to know where I got a certain bracelet or watch. They come from all over, most designer ones are from Macy's, nordstroms, or the designers store, I shop off EBay, at Kohl's, forever 21, target and Walmart, charming Charlie's, Jared's, and sometimes even drug stores. I have been in line at Walgreens and grabbed a super cute bracelet before, you never know where you will find something that catches your eye that you have to get:). I get asked a lot where the large rhinestone cross on the silver leather band came from, that one my mom got me at TJ Maxx one day. I also make bracelets, I made three of my shamballa bracelets, I was making "Basketball wives" inspired large hoop earrings which had the rhinestone beads they use on the shamballa design bracelets so I started making the bracelets to save me money. I wa selling the earrings, bracelets and necklaces online was making in team color for moms so they could show support to their daughter or son's sports teams they were popular for awhile. I enjoy making things, whether for my house or jewelry, cakes, jut being crafty and creative is a great time:).

Enjoy my photos and again any question on where they are from or who makes them please post below and I will let you know. Thank you and have a great evening


  1. OMG what a pretty Bracelets. This is my first time to this site but my friend has told me about your work and you are very very good!
    Trendy Arm Candy

    1. Thank you Adina=) Always love to hear from other people that view and read my blog. I also have a baking/party event blog and a photography blog links are at the top of my page, check them out. I make cakes, cupcakes, cake pops, candy buffets, decor and do interior design along with event/party planning and coordinating, then recently turned my passion for photography into a business and am aspiring to be a professional photographer. Would love to hear what you think of my photos and cakes=). Thank you again for your kind words and for visiting.