Wednesday, May 29, 2013

General Hospital rumor mill.

I have been posting more about General Hospital lately because I find myself always looking for spoilers, rumors or anything that is new about upcoming story lines. I recently have been trying to figure out who Roger Howarth, Todd Manning is going to end up being, Franco, Jerry Jacks or a new character. I also have some other story and character lines I been working on trying to figure out.

Let's talk about Brit or Dr. Westbourn who is now super pregnant by Dr. Patrick Drake. I went back to before the nurses ball and no she was not showing like she was when she announced it, I was like wow how did I not notice this, I remember her on crutches because Maxie's dad had threatened her but she had kind of disappeared from the show till they wrote in her mom and dad being that crazy Dr Obrecht from Switzerland that was holding Robin Scorpio-Drake for the ever crazy Faison. What a crazy mix that was and usually I see all that stuff coming into action before it actually does but I didn't even see that storyline. Or her being pregnant, we all know that isn't and can't be Patrick's baby. I have my ideas, I think it's Dante and Lulu's baby, that the lab tech she promoted that was doctoring her paperwork and took Ellie's position helped her implant that baby. I think Ellie is going to find out this info which will eventually lead to Maxie unveiling she is pregnant with her own baby and then tell everyone about Dr. Westbourne stealing Dante and Lulu's baby.

Not to jump from one to another but also I am going back to the Franco storyline, if this guy ends up being the real Franco then is it possible that Kiki is not a Quartermaine and was actually the baby of the fake Franco? Also I have read that Ava Jerome is going to be part of the mob family that Sonny has referenced, the Jerome family. I also have seen rumors that Sam Morgan is going to end up being the daughter of one of the Jerome's. Alexis never did tell anyone who her real father is and I have heard that Danny is going to get sick, that this Sylis, not sure spelling the new guy who was the vampire crazy guys brother and Raffe's uncle is going to be a doctor who helps Sam when Danny gets sick. I know it is all hard to follow these soap opera writers are something else. I have always loved writing and I really think I could have written some amazing stories lol.

Lulu is starting to remember what happened to her on the Haunted Star and I truly believe that this is going to push her away from Dante. Is she going to end up pregnant? Then will she end up with Milo? Back when Dante and Lulu were getting married I remember she was hesitant is it possible she never truly loved Dante and did a lot of the things she did because she longed for a stable family that she didn't have growing up? Could her true personality and what she really wants come out now? I am so baffled and can't wait to see what happens today.

What do you think? Who is this guy on the Haunted Star? When will Jason come back? What about Robin who is alive and off with Jerry Jacks? So many things are left unanswered and then I have a feeling some huge story lines are getting ready to be put into play. I honestly did not like the fact the OLTL actors all came back but as new characters but I feel that the writers took the opportunity to bring into play some story lines they had been wanting to portray but didn't know how to get them started. I am intrigued and actually watching closer then I did when the nurses ball and the anniversary season was airing. I was played out on Elizabeth's character an the Sabrina/Patrick story, Anna and Duke all that was starting to get old to me. Now I feel there is some new stuff to explore and interested to see where it goes.

Stay tuned I will be writing more once today's episode airs for sure:). I am sick and it is raining here so can't work on my home DIY projects I had planned but General Hospital has me entertained and puzzled. How about you?

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