Sunday, May 26, 2013

General Hospital, who is Roger Howarth going to be?

For those of you who are General Hospital fans, I have been racking my brain all week since they started bringing back the old OLTL characters as new parts/roles. I have posted in the past on GH fashion but now I want to write a little something about the story line and characters.

I predicted so many things in the past and I am usually good on figuring out what they are doing with their storyline but I did not see this coming. I knew the OLTL stars were fighting over the names of the characters, since Hulu revived the show. I also had read that the actors would return but as new characters.

I was excited to see what actress they would cast to play Lauren Frank, Franco's long lost daughter and the q heir. When I saw that the actress who played Starr Manning was playing her I was so mad! Almost as mad when I realized they were going to switch Sam's baby awhile back. I get so frustrated. Then the return of the actor who played John and Caleb as a brother to the crazy vampire guy? Seriously? It is even stranger that Sam doesn't think he could be John or even weirder Michael meets Morgan's new girlfriend and doesn't even think she resembles his ex Starr?

I don't know what to think. The only character that has me intrigued is Roger Howarth the ex Todd Manning. I have been racking my brain, I have read so many blogs and spoilers about this lol, people all say he is Franco, u have read Jason, which I don't believe for a second, a possible Cassadine, but not liking that. Then they thru me off when he met with Heather. I considered maybe a child of Heather's which could be another Q heir since she had been with several Quartermaine's over the years, and she did seem to know something when she read the will. I don't think Franco's daughter was the loop in the will she was referring to. But if he was her son I think she would have reacted different considering how obsessed with Steven Lars she was. Lol.

So who else could he be? Maybe he is the "real" Franco? Maybe the guy who played Franco, James Franco was just a crazy fan, since Franco was a psyxjo twisted artist, I am sure he had some crazy fans. Then maybe that would be why he wants to make things right with Sam. Or maybe he is just going to reprise the original role of Franco and show video that he never rapped Sam, which I didn't think he did anyways, since they didn't show that much. I think he just wanted Sam and Jason to think that. But still even if he didn't rape Sam that wouldn't make everyone forgive him. Which takes me back to maybe the Franco we all knew was a fake and RH is going to be the real Franco. Maybe he was getting help in a psych ward and this other guy was pretending to be him.

I have also read maybe there was a triplet? Meaning Jason and Franco had a brother, but why would he want to make things right between him and Sam. I feel like this new character wants to justify everything and prove it wasn't him or his doing. Almost clear his name. I hate how long they are dragging out the story lol.

Now to explore other options, another Quartermaine? A Cassadine? I even read somewhere Sam's dad, which I don't think so, I would love for them to explore that story. I don't know why they haven't ever gone down that road. Sam has no family really other then Alexis and her half sisters, I would think when she found out Alexis was her mom she would have wanted to know who her dad was, or when she was pregnant? Strange.

What do you think? I have been a huge fan of General Hospital since I can remember, my grandma and mom both watched it every day which meant I also had to watch. Over the years I have gone thru phases where I lost interest for awhile, but always returned not long after lol. Since they changed writers, brought OLTL characters and Jason left I have been on the fence.

At first the OLTL characters annoyed me. Mostly when they switched Sam's baby, started the vampire story and then Starr losing her family, but after awhile it grew on me and I got use to it. Then they announced Jason would be leaving, which was awful, they just found out that Danny was his baby and Sam and Jason were both happy. I swear they can't let anyone be happy for a week lol.

I still haven't adjusted to this new Lulu I like the actress who played her before. Then where is this story going? I have heard she will remember a wedding on the Haunted Star followed by the wedding night, after realizing she had sex with Stavros then I have heard rumors she may be pregnant? Now I know we all know the story she can't get pregnant, hence Maxie carrying a baby for her, but have read that Helena had Dr. Westbourne make that up so they could eventually carry out this latest craziness in the Cassadine story lol. That would be insane. Her child would be half brother of her own half brother lol. Sick but wouldn't surprise me.

I wish Maxie would just admit to Spinelli that the baby she is carrying is his. Spinelli is suppose to be some genius, computer wiz, private investigator but wow, how dumb is this guy. The fact he couldn't put two and two together to figure this out, kills me. It's funny since this actor first appeared on GH my husband has given me slack about this actor lol. I don't care for him but he has grown on me over the years, but every time my husband walks by and sees a part with Spinelli he laughs, saying wow this is ridiculous is this character for real lol.

So, what do you other fans think? Who is the old Todd going to be now? Franco? Another Quartermaine? I can't stand the suspense. So creepy how he sent a photo of Jason then is having this party. I read that Sam's life is going to chance drastically by the unveiling of who this is and what he has to say, which is why I think it has to be the "real" Franco. Then that would mean this new Franco the real Franco wouldn't have rapped her or done any of the crazy stuff he did to her and Jason. He would be Jason's real twin and family to her son Danny. Then what will happen with his daughter Lauren. I can't wait to find out lol.

More posts to come...

Have a great holiday weekend

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