Tuesday, May 28, 2013

General Hospital Episode Tuesday May 28

Posting about GH again, watched today's episode and feel like the characters on the show, who is this guy that Todd Manning actor is playing?  I hate how they drag it out, then how it ended and the preview to the next episode is killing me.  It seems that everyone knows who he is?  Is it Franco, it wouldn't be the real Franco, meaning that the one we knew was a fake, because they wouldn't all recognize him.  This isn't some new character that no one knows of because again, they would not all be like OMG you, like they know him.  Is it Jerry Jacks?  I had not even thought of him, but he was a sick psycho, he knew who loved and cared about Jason the most, he knew AJ was alive, maybe he is the one?  Maybe he knows something about Jason and him being alive.  I swear the way they had all the TV's and the set up I really was starting to lean towards Franco, but I really don't think that is who it is going to be.

I have been racking my brain and I can't seem to figure it out, I had originally believed the entire "real" Franco and the one we all knew was a fake.  But then I also was open to a new Quartermaine, or possibly a Cassadine we didn't know about, or maybe another Heather Webber relative.   Now I really have ruled that out because everyone at the Haunted Star knew this guy once they saw him.  It can't be Todd Manning because they can't use his character now, and that would defeat the purpose of having the old Star, playing Kiki and John McBain playing this knew guy.  Anyone have any ideas or rumors that they have heard??  I would love to hear what other General Hospital fans think?  Let me know=).

I will have some photos of new finds, new EBay items, ideas for my new shop, thinking of going to Etsy or Storenvy instead of Ebay to offer fashion finds, deals etc.  Also have some reviews coming, Julep review for new box, pictures of my finished Master Bedroom and some work I have done on my front and back patios.  I entered a couple contests hoping to win a gift card to finish my work on patios since I have a tight budget now that we are going out of town.  I went to the eye doctor today and thought for sure I needed glasses, but was told I have 20/20 vision which is great news, I was not ready for glasses yet, lol.  I did get my daughter a super cute new pair, since she has misplaced her glasses and can not find them anywhere.  I am hoping they will pop up, we lost them last year over the summer for almost two months then when I was cleaning I happened to push over the sofa to vacuum underneath and found them=).  Hoping to have that happen again.

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