Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Accessories are key to ever outfit or ensemble. Even being a interior decorator and event/party planner, my passions, accessories are still key. Whether it is accent furniture, a rug, decorative accent or nick knacks, or at parties it could be flowers, invites, candy table, or decor. With fashion i consider accessories to be anything from handbags, purses, hair accessories, jewelry and shoes, but not limited to this could be endless and so are the possibilities. I love to coordinate my accessories but try not to be too matching. I like to wear same designers but doesn't have to be all the same. When I carry a handbag or purse I tend to like my wallet to be same designer but I will nix an match colors. I am guilty of being a designer marcher I will wear Tory burch shoes, purse, jewelry and even a sweater/cardigan but I will match designers too wearing mixed jewelry, but matching shoes and purse or however I feel that day.

I tend to not mix metals often I try to match silver hardware on shoes or purse with my jewelry and even hair clips lol. It's weird how we can be so OCD about certain things. I know when I decorate my house or even other houses for clients I like to mix up pieces, I don't like a matching bedroom set, I feel it is too safe and that it doesn't give the room character. But with fashion I get a little OCD from time to time but will get adventurous too. I love color, mixing textures, occasionally mixing metals, love shoes and like I said above, and this post is about I love accessories.

Sometimes picking out my jewelry, glasses, purse, shoes and hair clips or bands is my favorite part. I am going to share some photos of some of my own personal collection of purses, wallets, necklaces, earrings, watches, bracelets, shoes and more in the upcoming days. Trying to decide if I should go by designer or brand, accessory type, like necklace, purse etc. I will decide and let you know:). I would love to see some of your accessory must haves or can't live withouts. Also hear how you prefer to mix and match your shoes, bags and metals. I love to hear what everyone else is thinking so please feel free to post a comment:). Thank you

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