Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Bath and Body works Home Fragrances

Awhile back ago I wrote a review about the Body Shop, home fragrance oils and how much I loved their fragranced oil for the soap warmers.  I went months not being able to get a hold of this item, and the other fragrances I didn't like as much were also sold out, from Nov to now still couldn't find.  After the holidays of trying several different brands I have found my replacement.  Bath and Body works has amazing candles, fragrance bulbs for the plug in warmers, oils, sprays and car pod scents I love.  I also love their sales, customer service, had a fragrance warmer that I got a few months ago and it wasn't warming they took it back no receipt or questions asked, then I got an oil on a whim and didn't care for it they let me exchange it no questions asked.  They are all about customer satisfaction and service.

Below are some of my favorite products and scents.  I have candles of all sizes, holders, oils, plug in and scent bulbs for them, plus I love the room spray and car scents.  The prices are great and they always are sending, or giving me coupons for amazing deals.  You can visit their site at

I love this fragrance, Caribbean Escape, I have the oil, candles and home spray.

Frosted Cupcake is great for the kitchen, smells you have been baking all day.

Meet me in Tahiti smells like a vacation and has a vanilla scent which is a favorite of mine.

Love the lotion, hand soap dispenser covers.

Wall frangrance plus my daughter picked out super cute.

Had some candle fragrances uploaded but photos are taking too long to load, I love the lemon, watermelon lemonade, tiki beach, caribbean escape, bahama fizz and more.  Check out their site.  My favorite candles are the large 3 wick ones but I like the smaller sizes too for the cute holders they have=).  

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