Friday, October 26, 2012

Orly and Color Club Swatches

I decided to try out my deals from TJ Maxx yesterday. Didn't have a lot of time to prep and polish so just swatched a few for tonight then after trying out five colors I decided to go with Material Girl Phantom. I will feature photos of that and details in next post.

Yesterday I got a mini four pack of Color Club polishes for $3.99 I believe threw out the box. I swatched two they don't have names or numbers which is odd I grabbed box and they are the In True Fashion collection and they were $4.99. No names still. The one on my thumb looks like a iridescent gold/green color. On my nail it looked gold with a slight green tone when I moved it around. The other color I sampled was a rust metallic color which was my favorite of the two. I have two other colors a dark blue and a purple, green iridescent color almost like Hard Candy, Beetle. I will sample those when my nails chip.

Then last up was the two Orly colors. I got Emberstone and Stone Cold. Both gorgeous. I love the glitter look and they both applied very nice. Emberstone looks orange in the bottle but on my nails had a pink look to it but lately I been wondering if I'm a little color blind lol. Things never seem to be what they appear lol.

I will post more photos of my full manicure with Material girl Phantom. That is on my ring finger and I loves it that I decided to go with that color. The Orly polishes were $3.99 a bottle at TJ Maxx. I rarely buy anything full price so not sure how much they are normally I believe about $8-9 a bottle depending on where you shop.

Enjoy the photos and have a wonderful weekend. Have lots of clothing deals and steals. Got shoes, a purse, a few dresses then a lot of cute sweater tops and long sleeve tops for me and my daughters along with jeans for my little one and all at amazing low prices. My favorite part of living in south Florida is that this time of year they clearance out shorts, tanks, sandals and summer clothes which we live in pretty much year round unless we have a cool front. I hear we have one coming behind this storm. Can't wait for sweaters, scarves and boots! Yay.


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