Wednesday, October 17, 2012

A nice surprise and a bad one

Got a couple packages today, some revlon nail stencils of bows and skulls I have seen on other blogs but couldn't find near me arrived. A fellow blogger that lives a little north of me sent them:) Ty Lisa. I can't wait to try them out an will post photos soon.

Then my mystery Julep box came for trick or treat/Halloween. I was upset cause I got a polish I already have, then my box was missing nail art stickers, candy, a glitter pod and then the bracelet I got was broken only has one skull. I sent them a message an pray they send me what was suppose to be in my box, I have loved the julep boxes up till today. Waiting for a response from them and to see how they handle this before posting photos and deciding to cancel or bad mouth them cause I have enjoyed the boxes and polishes. Bad month for boxes cause my Birchbox Goop box was a goop alright lol.

I got a few new polishes too one looks like it may be a dupe for OPI every month is Oktoberfest it is china glaze heart of Africa going to sample them together this week. Then I got a orange color from Julep Parker and the one I already had a purple named Morgan. Two Zoya colors Monica and Dove gray. Also have OPI You Only Live Once and I think I mentioned this other OPI I got last week On Her Majesty's Secret Service. I will have photos next week of swatches and any news on that dupe:). Also will have photos of my FSU nails and toes lol.

Have a great rest of the week and kick boxing/boxing is going great took a night off cause boy am I sore lol.


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