Tuesday, October 23, 2012

OPI Skyfall and DS series long awaited swatches

Tonight I had time to swatch some OPI plan on getting to the Zoya and Julep shortly.

First thing was OPI Every Month is Oktoberfest from the German collection, I mentioned a grabbed a China Glaze polish called Heart of Africa, at store after purchase thought wow that kinda looks like Oktoberfest by OPI but once I got home I saw OPI is more a purple burgundy and the Africa China Glaze is more of a rust with some reds in it.

I sampled two more of the Skyfall in addition to Tomorrow Never Dies, the blue shade I used my man with the golden gun 18K gold top coat with first swatch. I also sampled On Her Majesty's Secret Service, which is a gray with some green and silver sparkle. Nice glitter polish. Enjoyed that one but I thought that Tomorrrow Never Dies was my favorite until I out on OPI You Only Live Twice from the Skyfall line also! This is gorgeous. Almost a deep pink with a slight red and lots of sparkle/shimmer. I love this color and can not capture the true beauty of it at night with my awful lighting. Tomorrow I will post some daylight and fluorescent shoots to see if the look more like the color. It is gorgeous! I am wearing it for pink Wednesday I think:).

I also broke into my OPI Desinger Series. These have been amazing in the past with gorgeous glitter and holographic colors like diamond dust and sapphire but these seem to be just glitter polishes with a silver lid. Not too impressed. I do like the DS Mystery which is the dark brownish/black with gold glitter. Very cool color and I like dark shades.

Next up was DS Glow which I sampled before I think when I got it which is a glitter almost holo but since I started wearing some of the England and Hits holos doesn't have same wow effect. It's pretty much a sparkly very glittery gold. Glow is a good name. Last of all was the most disappointing to me of the DS swatches I did which was DA Jewel. I applied three coats and it's very sheer still. Had a kind of blah look to it almost a brown rust burgundy. Wasn't to sure. Didn't apply a top coat maybe that would add some shine.

That's my fun for tonight with polish. Tomorrow have some of the burlesque collection, Zoya Ornate and some more winter collections coming out and my pink Wednesday. I also will by the end of the week sample the owl Joby mail art decals thinking that will be my weekend manicure then have some reckon skull stencils for Halloween with some cool Julep Halloween colors including their glow in the dark formula which I have sample but want to get a good night shot of for you:). Enjoy the photos and again sorry blogging from my iPhone so can't label each photo like I want to will go back on laptop and try to update for you all so you know which is which:). Happy mid week! Excited weekend is almost here again and Halloween, love taking my girls trick or treating. Feel blessed to have such amazing daughters:)

Good night


Wow logged onto laptop and saw not only how out of shuffle the photos are from when I took them and even the order I posted them, but them how awful some look.  Working on using my new 3 in 1 lense for the iphone and asked Santa for a new nice high quality camera for Christmas.  Let me first say sorry for bad quality of photos then I did this late so didn't put top coats or clean up any messes on cuticles just wanted to try colors.

Above is the You Only Live Twice, gorgeous pink glitter I am going to try to capture in daylight tomorrow

Above is the China Glaze Heart of Africa

Here is the Heart of Africa next to OPI Oktoberfest which you can see OPI is more purple and the China Glaze is more burgubdy/rust color, love them both=)

Above is DS Glow

This is the Skyfall color Her Majesty's Secret Service

This is OPI DS Jewel

Think I got them all in order now lol, it's late.  Off to watch the rest of Son's of Anarchy and got to bed long day tomorrow=).  Happy polishing.  More samples and swatches to come promise.  Looking forward to some winter collections and nail art.

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