Monday, October 8, 2012

Essie samples:)

I was bored and decided to sample out some colors either I haven't worn or it has been awhile.

I sampled Essie brand and the colors are go overboard, turquoise and Caicos, smokin hot and very structured. Go overboard and smokin hot were my two favorites and also liked very structured. I love blue and turquoise colors are my absolute favorites but this turquoise and Caicos was very watery.

It took three thick coats and still looked weird to me also kind of streaky. Normally I have found this before in china glaze but Essie has always been pretty good as far as the thickness and consistency of the color etc. I have a couple of light pink colors that need a few coats to look solid or to cover nail good, but was odd with this one. Was wondering if anyone else has this color and if it was the same way for them.

Posting a couple photos. Please ignore my cuticles been doing a lot of painting and crafting around the house and need to give myself a good manicure to fix up my cuticles. I also broke several nails last week and this am:( need to do a trim and try to make them look as uniform as possible.

Enjoy the photos and hope everyone has a wonderful week:)


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