Monday, October 1, 2012

Julep October box, love it!

Just got my October Julep box thought about canceling it, because I did the penny thing just to try it and was impressed for a penny but 20? Wasn't sure but then I forgot to cancel and they sent me the one free polish with box option so I got the Sofia glow in the dark one for my daughter.

I opened my box and was surprised to see candy corn and two little packets of black and orange nail glitter;). Love the little cute added extras.  This julep box was a pleasant much needed surprise today. I also got some of my eBay purchases my victoria secret soft comfy pants, some tops and long sleeve pullover crew neck vs tops. I love eBay:) I get the same items vs sells for 49-69 dollars for $19-26 love it! I live in sweats or velour pants with a tank or tee. Wish some cool weather would come through so I can wear my boots and scarves too.

My other julep colors are Caroline which is a deep burgundy with a shimmer to it and Leslie which is black with what appears to be green and purple sparkles in it. Then I got the crackle Glenda in silver, I don't care much for crackle but maybe for Halloween it won't be to much. I also got the candy corn yum reminds me of my daddy was his favorite candy:) then two pods of glitter one black and one orange:). I will sample them out soon and post some photos.

I also have to review Birchbox and am excited to see the goop Birchbox for oct. I will also be sure to post some photos of my amazing eBay finds I have gotten like six pants, three tee shirts, a tank and two long sleeve sweat shirt style tops with no hoodie.

Even with rain, Crazy and waking up on wrong side of the bed in the end it's been an excellent day for me:). I love my hubby he is the best and most supportive man I am blessed to have such an amazing spouse. He knows me so well and sticks by me thru thick and thin.

Happy Monday everyone


  1. It is a glow in the dark polish with sparkles. Since I was new and got my penny box last month I got to add on any one polish for free). I got it cause my daughter loves glow in the dark and I thought it would be fun for Halloween=). Ty girly how are you doing @ PolishPixelle

  2. I signed up for a penny too and I'm debating canceling mine. But then I get the box and am glad I didn't cancel! lol

  3. I swore I was just going to do the penny box then cancel, cause even though I love nail polish I don't like to pay that much for any polish if I don't have to. I ordered my daughter a penny box too had it sent to my inlaws for her and she just got it. I canceled hers already though so I don't have to pay double. I was pleased with this october box and the getting a free bottle since I was a new member so I added on the glow in the dark for my daughter. I have Birchbox, glossy box, signed up for beauty army and was super excited to get the last Target sample beauty bag. I always wanted one and have been watching like crazy and they said it is their last one, I hope not lol. Do you get any other boxes?