Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Pink Wednesday for Breast Cancer Awareness

I wanted to post these earlier but been super busy finishing up my final three wreaths for Halloween since it is approaching so quick. I will have photos to share tomorrow and hopefully will have them up for sale on my etsy shop no later then Friday:) they are pretty cool and I can't wait to share them. I will throw in a smell peak after my photos for pink Wednesday.

So today I ran to the beauty supply, wanted to hit ulta but they don't open till ten and I had errands to do do the beauty supply opens at 9. I go to a dazl beauty supply in pembroke pines and love it:). The staff is so friendly and the sales girl is always showing me photos of new stuff coming in and photos of polishes she has bought which helps me decide what colors to get. I grabbed two new polishes then had a couple I got last week. I went with these two shades cause I love the light pretty shade for the under coat then the Milani pink and silver sparkles is gorgeous:).

I already have my colors and planning to do a design next week. Last week before this all started I posted a photo of some pink ribbon nail tattoos my girlfriend gave me and everyone asked me where they can be found. I actually found some on an end cap full of pink ribbon and Breast cancer awareness goodies. They have stickers for your car, iron on shirt designs, bracelets, pendants, pins and the nail tattoos. They are only $2.00 and proceeds go to research for breast cancer.

I did a base coat of butter London nail foundation then two thick coats of OPI, In the spotlight pink. Once dry I applied two thin coats of Milani Pink Flare gorgeous sparkle polish. This is such a gorgeous top coat. I recommend both to everyone, the OPI color is super sheer and would be great for a French manicure as well. I did two thick coats cause I was covering with sparkles but if I wore it solo may have needed three or four coats to not see the nail line underneath.

Enjoy the photos and look forward to seeing what all the other ladies did for the first Wednesday. Have a great week, weekend is almost here. Goodnight


Below is the sneak peek at one of my new wreath designs, I have this awesome candle opera style, haunted house looking tassel I had left over from last year when I made my wreaths that I am going to hang in the center then I have more black glitter roses.  I can't wait to finish it.  I also have another really cool one in the works.  I made my first Etsy sale, I am working out the details and on shipping cost but should be finalized tomorrow.  I am so excited.  I have been selling a lot of Halloween and Fall decor.  I can't wait to share my baked goods and photos of what I have done to my front porch and yard.  It is almost all done just have to put up the light up stuff this weekend.  Can't wait to show it all off=).  I love decorating and making crafts, baking etc it is my passion=).  It makes me feel very good cause I know I have a talent that I am really good at.  

For more details on my items for sale you can visit my Etsy shop, storenvy, or contact me direct at  I custom make wreaths also and I will work with any budget, I can make an amazing wreath for $40, and I can do them for even less just going to be smaller sized and less detail.  Everything I make I put time and a lot of love along with creativity, pride and quality.  You will not be disappointed.  I promise=).


  1. Pretty mani! I also wore Milani - Pink Flare for my pink mani on Monday. I love the holo glitters in it.

    Your wreaths are too cute!

  2. Too funny, I love the holo glitters too. Everyone has stopped me and asked me about my polish the passed two days it is amazing.

    Thank you for the comment on my wreaths I appreciate it=). I hope you are doing good. Have a great weekend=)