Thursday, October 18, 2012

I have a goal of reaching 100 followers I need everyone's help

I have set a goal of getting 100 followers.  I have no idea how to spread the word of my blog other then facebook and other bloggers.  I no longer have instagram.  I have done contest and giveaways, I am so happy with the outcome and excited to share so many things with everyone.  From beauty, products, sales, design, decor, crafts and so much more.

I received my samples for the Joby Nail Art and I love them, I got these super cute owls I am going to sample and review myself then they sent me another set of gorgeous nail art decals along with a coupon I am going to giveaway.  I want to do something different, I want all the followers I have now to help me in any way get more people to view and check out my page, then if they like it follow me.  Every person you send my way needs to comment here who sent them out of my current followers and who ever gets me the most new followers will win the Joby Nail Art package along with Julep Morgan Purple nail polish and many other beauty samples from lip gloss, hair care products, candles and more.  I will giveaway a box of goodies.  My goal is reasonable and I am not far off.  I am however limited to USA residents only cause I have one winner that is out of the country but have issues shipping the nail polish through the post office.  I have found a way around it but either way it isn't easy and I am still trying to get my blog up and going.  I have funded all my prizes, shipping and packaging out of my pocket.

I love blogging, reading blogs, writing blogs, sharing photos, deals and products with everyone.  I would love to have everyone who has a blog know that I am just like you were when you started out please any input on how to build up a following, how to get more readers and followers is so greatly appreciated.  Thank you to everyone who has supported and helped me, I love all your advice, help and input.  I will post more on the contest along with photos and deadline this weekend or first thing next week.


Melissa with Dliteful Trends and Dliteful Sweets at blogspot.  Dliteful Creations and Designs of Pembroke Pines, Florida

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