Friday, October 19, 2012

FSU garnet and OPI 18K Gold, Man with the Golden Gun

Tomorrow is the FSU vs UM game so in honor of my favorite team, Florida State and so that my toe nails along with finger nails match my attire I did a burgundy red with gold.

Naturally since I just invested some money in the 18k top coat by OPI that had to be my gold. After swatching a few reds, a lot were too dark or to candy red so I went with Essie's Head Mistress. On my toes I have the same red without the gold.

I did a base coat of Sally Hansen and then applied two coats of the Essie Head Mistress. I love this red cause it is the perfect shade not to bright and not to dark. A slight hint of garnet:). Then I applied two costs of the OPI 18k gold top coat. Finished off with Posche quick dry top coat. I love how they look.

I loved the blue/purple I used from OPI earlier in the week, Tomorrow Never Dies but with this red it looks amazing. I'm super pumped for the game tomorrow. Even made a necklace and some of my hoop earrings, but smaller scale with football bead and the teams colors in the rondell spacer beads with swarovski colored crystals:).

I got my samples for the Joby Nail Art and will post some photos of the ones she sent me. Also later this week I will announce the contest for the floral decals and a coupon for their website:). Have to wait till my next manicure to sample them to review. Still trying to contact Julep about my botched trick or treat mystery box. Looks like someone opened it or they just forgot to put stuff in it. I got no paper stuffing like they usually put in so the stuff doesn't shift around, my polish was wrapped with bubble wrap and no fancy bow, then only got one glitter pod, everyone else got two, got a polish I already have:(. Then my bracelet had one skull the other one broke off and the cool decals I was suppose to get I only got the directions no decals I searched box but wasn't hard to look since it was pretty empty. Even got jiped out of the candy corn:(. I was excited for this after the October box and was hoping for some new fall colors for the polish, the scarf and alteast what I paid for. I hope they send another box or refund me if not canceling that deal cause that is not cool for 20 I get a broken bracelet, directions for decals I didn't receive, one pod of glitter instead of two then two polishes and one I have already. Looks like I will be giving away a bottle of Julep Morgan soon lol.

Have a fun weekend and enjoy my mani pics for my football inspired nails:).


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  1. This polish is amazing, sad can't find any here where I live. Let me know if you can find me a bottle. I love it with the red. Your necklace you made is so creative a cute. I wish I had that crafty side. I am not at all crafty. Thank you again for the fashion ideas and shopping advice again, you have been so helpful..