Monday, October 15, 2012

Kickboxing, my new love...

I have been trying to find a workout that I love, something that works out all body parts but is intense and I get cardio at the same time.  I have done crossfit, which can be addicting but gets expensive and isn't really for losing weight.  I seem to bulk up and not lose much weight.  I have found my answer.  A girlfriend of mine took up kickboxing and asked me to join her.  At first I was like no way I am so not coordinated but I went for the free class and that is it, love it.

I have done the boxing and kick boxing, then they have self defense, cardio kickboxing it is awesome.  Each class you stretch and warm up, then do squats, lunging, burpies, use weights, box, hard core ab workout, jumping jacks, push ups everything.  The class flies by and every part of your body aches.  I am addicted.  I got my gear tonight and have signed up for 7 months instead of paying for each class, that way it isn't so expensive.  Tomorrow I am going to get my boxing gloves found some cute pink girly ones at Sports Authority and already have tons of workout clothes from my previous adventures with other work outs.

Time to get into awesome shape and learn how to kick some butt.  Lol

I will keep you all updated on my weight loss, I have already lost two sizes from walking, running and dieting with this I hope to be back to my size 2/3 where I was this time last year by Nov/Dec.  

Try it if you haven't ever done it, I swear it is amazing and I feel so good, just left a class earlier and I feel so good.  



  1. So cool youre doing kickboxing!
    i did it too and i loved itt!!
    i really want to do it again but i simply dont have the time :(
    its a hard sport, some people cant even make it trough the warm up hahah
    looking forward to read your updates about it

  2. It is a lot of fun and the warm up does kick your butt lol. I only made it taking one break my first class and my friend said she took several. I love to feel the burn and hurt the next day that means it is working