Thursday, October 25, 2012

Bought my fall brown boots.

After much seeking and trying on I finally decided on the brown Guess boots. I ended up getting a pair at TJ Maxx that had a few small scratches that I would end up doing anyways for $59.99.

I love them and have to say I tried on a lot. Ended up going for a name brand cause I don't like pleather and vinyl.

1 comment:

  1. They are perfect, great choice. I saw them today at Marshall's and grabbed a pair. Thank you for all the advice on getting my fall wardrobe for less. You have amazing taste in fashion, not just home decor, you need to give yourself more credit. Hope that the hater has left you alone, from what you said sounded like jealousy and a bit of not having her own personality. Sad that you would open up to someone out of caring and being a good person. Sometimes having a huge heart opens us to more hurt but in the end good things always come to good people. You know this. Stay true to yourself you know you didn't do anything wrong and that she is certifiably crazy, I am thinking of you and wishing you nothing but good things to come. xoxo