Sunday, October 21, 2012

Fall Boots from high to low

I have been looking for a pair of brown boots, I have 3 pairs of uggs and 2 pairs of black boots.  One pair are leather with a heal the other pair are suede that you can push down, slouch like with a mid heel.  I want a tall leather brown pair with some buckle or silver on them with a heel and then a flat tall pair that look good with my ripped jeans.  I am always on the deal hunt.  Last week I was in Marshall's and found two pairs.  I did not take photos but plan to go by there tomorrow to try them on so I will have photos, the flat pair were lighter shade of brown and amazing.  I think they were $80 and then the ones with the heel were everything I wanted nice thin heel and silver accents.  Those were higher priced around $100-110.  I want them so bad so I went to google and found several similar pairs by Guess and Marciano.  All the ones pictured below are from $130-250 each so I look at other stores.  Target has some cute pairs from $29.99-50.00 and then Payless has some that I got photos of from $24.99-59.99.  I think the photos I have the lowest priced pair was $29.99 and most expensive was $59.99.

Check out the options and see if you can figure out which ones are the designer and which are the non label.  Also tomorrow I will post the amazing selection from Marshall's and Payless is next door so I will pass by and see.  I mentioned I have three pairs of ugg's but all three pairs I got on clearance after the winter season for over half off.  I only get to wear them maybe two weeks total out of the year but I love them all my boots and love the cool fronts that it possible.  I love to wear my sweaters, scarves and cute jackets.  I already washed and dry cleaned everything a took my boots out they are ready, so come on cool front.  Just need it to drop below 80 here in South Florida so I can wear them lol.

Enjoy the photos and let me know which ones you like.  More to come this week, along with wreaths, nail polish for pink wednesday and the Joby Nail Art sample decals and announcement of contest to giveaway some Joby Decals and coupon.  I also will have some photos of my remodeling work around home and finally my Halloween decor if I ever down load the photos from my camera.  My new 3 in 1 lense for the iphone came last week so got to sample it out.  By the way FSU won last night and I had a wonderful time at the game and tailgating.   Go Seminoles, had me worried but you came back and played good at the end, that is all that matters.

Have a wonderful week.


All photos were google searched and come from Guess, Marciano and Payless websites.

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