Tuesday, October 23, 2012

My Chandelier Arrived, why it pays to shop around.

I had seen this stunning and different chandelier at a popular store.  It kept popping up, I saw it on a blog I was reading about interior design on HGTV remodel show, It was meant to be.  I went to the website and they were asking close to $400 for it.  It was $369, I think it is on sale now.  I then was on another blog where someone had the same chandelier from the popular store and then wanted another one for another room in her home so she had found one on the amazing Overstock.com.  It was only $174.  I couldn't believe it, looked like the same exact chandelier.

After reading the reviews for both, they both required assembly which I never mind.  I love putting things together and being a fan of Ikea I am use to it lol.  I went online last week to finally order it.  I have a gorgeous bronze 3 light, with frosted glass shade light now that has a leaf design.  When we bought the house I had the upright lamp and table lamp for our living room and I love bronze iron decor so I have lots of pieces with that rustic look all through out the living areas in the main part of our home.  I get tons of compliments for my decor style and how my room has so many different influences but yet all flow together along with warm and colorful paints that all blend.  Since we live in south Florida we have what I call a patio home, it is in the shape of a u and all the room have sliding doors or windows going out to the back patio where we have our pool.   I have actually been in the process of doing my patio moroccan looking with lots of jewel tons, moroccan influenced pillows, poufs and lamps.

Back to my chandelier, it arrived today.  I got it on sale at overstock.com for $150.00, plus shipping costs.  Can't wait to put it together and hang it.  Already moved out the leaf table lamp and looking for a cool bronxe color swing arm floor lamp with a tan shade that matches the shade for my new table lamp.  I am excited cause we got new dinning furniture last summer and this new year are getting new living room furniture.  I already know what I want and it will be special ordered, large sectional with large ottomans that can all be pushed into the center and make one big family tv and movie watching area.  I can't wait.  Been trying to convince hubby of micro fiber or fabric but he is a leather guy so I usually give in and let him get the leather then I pick the color, shape etc.  I know I want a tufted vintage looking chair for the side of the room and maybe a chaise on the sectional.

Below are photos of the original chandelier first from pb.com don't want to spell out the full name cause copyright stuff but want to mention them in the labels cause I did borrow there photos, it is the Bellora chandelier I believe.  If you live in Miami I found the same ones from a store in Miami for $180-$220.  So excited, I am one of those girls that if I didn't live in the rather hot south Florida I would have a chandelier in every room, but hubby won't allow that cause he likes fans, I am however putting one at entry, in my closet, there is one in my daughter's room (small), kids bathroom, eventually my bathroom and we have a broken ceiling fan we never use in family room so hubby is going to move the old one in there and I have ordered some magnetic crystals from online to glam it up.  I have the fireplace tools and some candle floor style holders with the leaf design so the lamps will end up in there or my mom's room.  Let me know what you think of the photos=).  Can you tell the difference.

Also I am sending out contest winner, prizes thursday!  They are all boxed and wrapped up ready to go just have to wait for my post office trip for other items I have sold.  Let me know when everyone gets them and if you like them=).  New contest coming next week with some new polishes, samples and Joby Nail Art Decals.  Have a great week,


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  1. I have this same chandelier I got from Pottery Barn and paid almost $400 for it after shipping, it is gorgeous. You are going to love it. Wish I would have shopped around. I love your blog, all the comparisons, then beauty samples, nail polishes etc. You have actually influenced me to start buying my own nail polish and doing my nails often. Thank you. I also love your business blog, you are very talented from baking, decorating, making things and writing. I check your blogs and facebook often for photos.