Monday, October 22, 2012

Fall boot finds from Marshall's!

Here are the boots I mentioned in yesterday's post about some awesome tall brown fall boots:). I went to Marshall's today and if on payday these babies are still there I may get both but alteast the heeled ones.

They were $79.99-$99.00 and they are amazing. Love them, even tried on some lower boots that I fell in love with and trying to stay away from black or ugg looking boots cause I have so many options already.

I also found this great white with black skull scarf on eBay for $5.00! I was hoping I would get one in my julep mystery box but that is another topic lol what a mess. I think they said they were sending me out a new box to replace the mess I received, I hope so or I will be canceling and done with Julep for awhile.

Enjoy my photos and love to hear comments on the boots and the scarf. Hope everyone is having a great start to their week:). I know I am and boxing tonight was exhilarating love it so much more the crossfit this is total body work out but fun and always different. I feel more sore all over then any workout and like I said they do boxing, kickboxing, cardio, abs, and all the squats, lunges and burpies etc like crossfit just feel like I am getting better cardio and fitness then it's fun always different not the same old wod routine. One of the trainers worked with Mariah Carey and J Lo he is amazing and knows his stuff but in my second week I am still so sore that everything aches but a good ache :)

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  1. Have you checked shoe they have a bogo offer right now. I am sure you probably know, you seem up to date on all your sales and offers. Thank you again for the interesting posts and love the variety of topics you post about.

    Loyal follower