Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Pink Wednesday second week

Been so busy but did not forget pink Wednesday.

I actually painted my nails last night before bed with china glaze exquisite and then Sally Hansen fuschia power but it got messed up guess I didn't let it dry long enough:(. I ended up painting them again with Zoya Lara. I had stamped my nails last night with the Sally Hansen bright pink but today didn't have time was rushing.

Going to paint my toes tonight cause Saturday doing a breast cancer walk in Ft. Lauderdale and then have an event I am making cupcakes and bracelets for along with a small candy station my company colors are hot pink an black with zebra so my aprons are perfect I got a pink ribbon pin to attach to the apron for the occasion and plan to put in two pink hair extensions for the event.

Please if you haven't entered my second contest there is still time it ends October 15! I sent out the prizes claimed from the first one last week except for one which is going to another country that one will go out this Friday:).

Hope everyone is having a great week. Off to ship my first etsy order and make a Christmas wreath:). Xoxo


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