Friday, October 12, 2012

Birchbox for September

I forgot to post about my Birchbox for September and I know my October one will be here any day now. I also ordered the Julep trick or treat surprise box cause I was very happy with my bewitching box for October:).

Birchbox is my favorite of the mail order sample and beauty product subscriptions out there. I have tried a few but have to say Birchbox hasn't let me down. This month I somehow got two, not complaining at all guess it was a mix up cause my first one came so late in the month and they sent me a second one then my first one was dropped off by a neighbor days later but my daughter was more then happy to claim the extras lol.

This month was about fall trends. I was happy to see a nail polish, I received Color Club Status Update in a gray color. Then I also got the plastic bag for traveling which I think is cute for toiletries when traveling but I will most likely stick to the ones I already have for the kitchen versus paying more for one with a pattern. I also got my favorite new hair ties that I love. Birchbox sent these out over the summer and I ended up buying some at my favorite local beauty supply A-Daz-L then found some for even better pice at Target. I got a orange one and a gray one from Birchbox. Then I had Wei to go beauty sleep over kit with two small gel oil cleansers and perfect finish tinted moisturizer which I love have used the perfect finish before and really like it.

Next up was a sample of Kate Spade's Twirl perfume which is a light pretty scent and both my daughter's love it:). Then other then their booklet for fall fashion last up is another product I really enjoyed and was glad to have two of Sedu anti frizz polishing treatment. Having three girls in the house with curly hair in humid south Florida this works amazing:).

If you haven't tried out Birchbox yourself there is a link on my page for you to get on the wait list which is about 3-4 weeks. It costs $10 a month which is a great price since most are $20-40. Everything is usually sample size but all the products are high end and I have to say I have been turned on to some great products I would have never tried. I love sample which is another reason why I love A-Daz-L in Pembroke Pines every time you purchase any products they give you samples of products. I have gotten lip gloss, mascara, brushes, shampoo, masks and more. Great local beauty supply and they have very knowledgable staff:). My favorite beauty supply by far in my area.

Below are the Birchbox photos and if you have any questions or feedback comment please. I always like I see and hear about what others received since there are like twenty different boxes that go out. Also excited for the Goop box for October I opted for this over my regular box hope I am not disappointed lol.


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