Friday, June 28, 2013

Smoky Mountain Beauty

More photos of the amazing and gorgeous Smoky Mountains.  We were suppose to check out of our cabin tomorrow by ten but are staying one more night instead of going to Georgia like we did on the way here.  North Carolina and the mountains is just so much more scenic and gorgeous than Georgia.  We couldn't resist.  Tomorrow one last day of hiking in the national park and enjoying the mountains, mother nature and all God's amazing creations.  Back to Florida on Sunday.  It has been an amazing trip, one of my favorites and we will be back in the Fall for sure=).

Today we did the tubing down the river which was two hours of riding the water.  Fun times, but didn't bring my camera and good decision considering we hit a few rough spots and one time I flipped.  Hurt myself pretty bad, but had a great day.  We took the kids to the go karts and arcade in town, then more sightseeing and adventuring.  Here they have tons of my flowers and my favorites hydrangeas, all over.  I took tons of pictures of them but only posting a couple, don't want to bore anyone lol.  Also a few more of the view from our porch of the amazing mountains.  I wish I never had to leave.  One day we will live here or have a cabin for our own.  When I set my mind to something I do what ever I can to make it happen and my husband is the same=).  Off to relax and enjoy the six head shower, we have here in this amazing cabin.

Happy snapping,


Our view in the morning from our cabin.

Amazing view!

This view could never get old, and we see it every morning, afternoon and night.  This is where I was when I got my super moon photos.

My favorite flower, hydrangea.

Love the blue ones with yellow in center.

These are pink and purple, gorgeous.

I took so many photos and used different shutter speeds, settings and effects on my camera.  Can't wait to get home and use my photoshop and lightroom=).

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