Monday, June 17, 2013

Michael Kors Selma Bag

Excited to come home to a special delivery, my new bag to review from Michael Kors:). Love it. I haven't bought a bag since February cause I have gotten some amazing ones to try out. This one is the Michael Kors Selma and it is fabulous.

It is saffiano leather, has a long strap you can remove, reminds me of a Celine bag. This bag retails for $358 and the leather is gorgeous. I got gray and I actually didn't have a gray bag before today. I have so many purses now don't think I need anymore lol. I have been looking at a summer bag but maybe I will hold off. I want to buy a Canon Rebel camera, think it will be better for what I want then the Nikon. Saving up so I can buy the bundle with case, strap and zoom lens.

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