Sunday, June 23, 2013

North Carolina, in pixels:). Photos of Smoky Mountains

Here are a few photos I took today, some with my iPhone and a few with my Nikon. Loving the photo opportunities here in good old mother nature. There is nothing greater than God's creations:).

We went to the Smoky mountain National Park by Cherokee in North Carolina today, went hiking and climbed 165 steps to the bridge to view the Mingo Falls:). We also hiked to a small old farm area with crops, gardens and old cabins. Got some great photos of pigs, chickens, the waterfall and river/stream.

It is just so gorgeous words can't describe. Our cabin is like a dream, at the top of a mountain off a gravel steep road. It is three levels, with plenty of room for our family of four. My girls are having a great time:). They love the outdoors and so do I, I was born in New Hampshire and lived in Maine, have a lot of family in northern states so to me this is a dream.

I have big dreams to own a vacation home and one day move to this area. I love Florida and my hubby loves his job. I hope to pursue photography and have a job I am passionate about. I love it, my family cracks jokes calling me the paparazzi or mamarazzi lol. I will take photos of anything and everything:). I am trying to get the lighting down and different shutter speeds, background effects and more.

I like to educate myself and practice a lot, I believe practicing makes perfect and for me it's fun to practice. I love taking photos of my children:). They are the best to me and my heart. In life family is so important and photography allows us to capture all those special moments as keepsakes and memories. Amazing. Sometimes a simple photo takes my breath away and that is what inspires me:).

Enjoy my photos and love to hear feed back and comments. These have not been edited or touched up at all, only feature I have used is some I placed a watermark and one I used antique filter.

Everyone have a fabulous week:). Enjoy God's creations and mother nature it is summer, so much time to enjoy life.

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