Sunday, June 2, 2013

Nail Polish clean out

I am going thru my polish collection this week, I have some doubles, dupes and colors I never used that I am preparing to get rid of.  I need to clean out my area that I store them plus I could use the extra cash for the summer.  We are going on vacation and I would love to have all the extra cash I can save up before we go.  I have a lot of brands from Indie polish, designer and drug store brands.  I have a Lynnderella polish, called I can Afford it in a green glitter formula that is gorgeous.  I listed it on Ebay but didn't get a huge response.  I remember when these polishes were hard to get and selling for a ridiculous amount of money.  I am thinking of doing a little make me an offer type of thing.   I will list all the polishes and put a date when I will close the sale, then everyone who is interested can message or email me, then I will send invoices for the people who win or make the best offer.   I also am thinking of doing another contest to get more followers for my blog.   I will giveaway a couple of goodie boxes with unused polishes, crack hair fix samples and other beauty samples=).  Let me know if anyone is interested in this.  I know I have seen a few blog sales before so going to check out how they did them, then I will be reposting more details.  If you are interested in getting a few polishes from my collection I have a list of some of my polishes, never got around to finishing it cause I have way too many lol.  I have over 400 nail polishes.  I started my collection a couple years ago and last year I got really into painting and reviewing polishes.  I still buy and paint my nails a lot, just not as much because I was damaging my natural nails with over polishing.  They had started to peel.

Please let any of your followers that collect nail polish or post swatches so they can check out my collection and let me know if there are any colors they need or are looking for.  I won't be asking ridiculous amounts for them, most will be below retail unless it is a discontinued hard to find color, then those will be more like up for bid.  Who ever offers the best price will get the color=).  I will again be posting a post soon with the colors I have that I am getting rid of then you can contact me unless I discover a better, easier way to go about this=).  Also check out my EBay store if you haven't already, so far all my feedback has been positive and everyone loves their Miss Me, True Religion, Guess, Lucky brand items as well as the Ralph Lauren bedding and other misc. items I have listed.  This week going to be listing some more designer jeans brand new with the tags and much more.  If you are looking for something email me I may be able to get it or already have it.  This week will be my lasting listing till after I get back from North Carolina.

Everyone have a great evening,


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