Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Lumu light meter for IPhone

I have been into photography for awhile, even before I had kids I always use to play with cameras. I got my first nice camera at 18 and ended up selling it to a friend when I got married. Back then it was cool to have a camcorder and when I was pregnant we got a nice video camera and camera for the birth.
By the time I had my second daughter my camera and camcorder were like antiques lol, so I sold them and got a digital camera. I loved my old digital camera but one day at the beach I got some sand in the lens are and it got stuck:(. My hubby went out and got my a new one but 3 days later my purse was stolen from my car and of course the camera was inside:(. My mom went out and got my an inexpensive one for a gift since we were going on vacation and I had been so excited to use the one hubby got me that was stolen.

One day when I was at a pawn shop looking at guns with hubby I got a canon camera and it turned out to w the start of my love of photography all over. I would snap pictures of everything. For Christmas I got a new dslr and have been addicted to taking photos of everything from my kids, car, home, beach, etc. My camera goes everywhere with me.

I have been big into checking out cool gadgets and editing programs, new lenses and what ever else. I have a friend who does wedding photography and then I met a lady who does pin up photography and did some photos for my hubby of me for valentines day a couple years ago, so I ask them a lot about new products. One thing I have struggled with is lighting. I took a class to learn the basics of my camera, then editing. But anyone who has a camera knows it takes a lot more then owning a camera to web a good photographer. Anyone with money can buy an expensive camera and all the equipment but really it takes a creative person to be a excellent photographer.

I love to take creative shots and to do things a little cutting edge or different then what you always see. I have been working hard to get my style down. In the mean time I have purchased a great zoom lens and lots of different gadgets but saw this amazing new product for the iPhone, let me tell you this is super creative and funny cause I told my hubby they need an app or gadget for the phone to measure lighting. Lumu is the name and let me tell you when they release this I alkbg with others will be lined up to get one. I love how my camera has wireless adapter to instantly upload my photos to my phone, laptop, iPad, computer an even transport them to my printer. I always use my phone as a remote to take photos when I am in them or away from the tripod/camera. It is an amazing feature:). Technology is a great thing. I will have more to come about this project. You can like then on Facebook for updates on the product. Below are some photos I found on their web page and when I get on my laptop I will post links to their web page and FB pages. Definitely if you love photography and are looking for a light meter check this one out.

I will review it when it does come out because I will be saving for one of these bad boys this summer anxiously awaiting its release:). Happy snapping.

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