Sunday, June 16, 2013

Tamra Barney from RH of OC gold sequined dress

On the bachelorette episode I have tons of items to cover, sit back and check out my next few posts cause I got a lot of emails asking about items and been doing my best to find the exact outfit along with some similar matches that are not as expensive:).

Thank you for all your comments, messages and support in reading my fashion posts for the Real Housewives. I do my best to find the style you love and then research to try to help you find something almost exact for less.

Tamra wore a gorgeous gold sequined dress which of course is sold out in the gold she wore. I did however find it in a darker color still available at Nordstroms. I also found some similar ones available and saw one at Love Culture two weeks ago for under $30. Love Culture is owned by Forever 21 I believe.

Here is Tamra in her dress, screen shot I found on google image search. Not sure who took the photo but show is aired on Bravo. Then I have the dress in gold which is sold out and then the dress in a darker almost brown color which was still available. After that will have some photos of similar dresses and links. Going to head to bed since its 3 am. But tomorrow I will have Gretchen outfits from Mexico, along with Lydia. If you saw something you love message or comment me so I can try to find you same item or a similar style steal.

Hope everyone has a happy fathers day:).

Dress shown is Parker All Over Sequin Cami dress. Again gold is sold out at Bloomingdales, but this color is available. Link is:Parker Sequined Cami Dress

Also I found a couple on EBay that are on sale

This one is by Express not sure if still available

Venus has this cute one not exact but sequined and on sale

Had to do this on my phone so if any links are messed up I appologize.  Will also continue to look for similar dresses at other stores.  Thank you and happy shopping=).

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