Monday, June 10, 2013

My something blue, Vox box from influenster:).

Today my first Vox box came from influenster:). It is called, Something Blue, for brides to be, bridal party and guests to weddings:). I am going to a wedding in a few weeks and excited to use these items to review for my blog.

Inside the box: Luster NOW! Instant whitening toothpaste, retails for $7.99. Enjoy instantly whiter teeth with Lister NOW! Instant whitening toothpaste. It's propriety Bluverite technology creates the optical effect of instantly whiter teeth, with results that last for hours. I can't wait to try this. I have used crest whitening strips in the past and love them, interested to see how this product works, everyone wants whiter teeth:).

Q-TIP'S Precision Tips, retails for $2.59-$3.35. Made with pointed tips at both ends and 100% pure cotton, precision tip Q-tips cotton swabs are ideal for touching up eye liner, precisely applying concealer and perfecting manicures like a pro, I will use these for sure! I love q-tips and these ones look like they will work perfect for touching up my nails and cleaning up after painting, along with touching up eye liner:).

Dr. Scholl's for her ball of foot cushions, retails for $6.99. Dr. Scholl's for Her ball of foot cushions are engineered to prevent ball of foot pain in any women's shoes, so you don't have to sacrifice fashion for comfort. Their unique gel provides cushioning and absorbs shock, and slim design prevents feet from sliding forward and helps you avoid toe crunch. I have some of these and love them:). When I use to wait tables I wore these and have to say I always hated how when I would wear my high heels how my feet would slide in and my toes would end up crunched up, these totally help with this and I highly recommend them:).

Urgent RX fast powders, retails for $1.39. UrgentRx fast powders credit card sized packets of fast acting flavored powder medication. No water. No waiting, just right now relief. I use to use the goody's headache powder when I was younger and didn't like to swallow pills. They always worked faster and amazing, will be carrying this in my bag and when I use it will be reviewing for sure:).

Kiss everEZlashes, retails for $4.98 for a duo pack. Kiss ever Ez lashes with Kiss applicator allows for perfect application every time. Coming in a variety of styles that are perfect for every day wear or formal evening events. These are a must have for bridesmaids and of course the bride! I have used these before and they are easy to apply. It has been awhile but will be wearing them on vacation and to the wedding:). Also hosting an event I am planning for some guests from out of town in August, that I have planned their event:). Photos and reviews to come.

My Trio Rings, cost vary. A trio wedding ring set ensures that your commitment looks just as perfect as it feels:). The MyTrio set comprises both the engagement ring and wedding band for the bride as well as a matching ring for the groom. It's a timeless way to signify your love and commitment. They sent a pamphlet with photos and they look very nice. I have my rings already do don't need any but it is a super cute idea and they look great:).

More to come on the reviews in weeks to come. I got this amazing box from Influenster, please like them on Facebook at, and on twitter @influenstervox. I love Influenster and have been super excited I got chosen to try these items for their something blue box:). I hope I get to sample and test more items in the future! Let me know if you have tried any of these items and which ones you loved:).

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