Sunday, June 2, 2013

Pravana Purple hair dye

I have been coloring my hair cool funky colors for awhile. Back when my oldest daughter was two I decided I needed a change from my blonde plain hair and when I was younger had been red, black, blue and pink, decided to dye the underneath black and then the top was chunky high and low lights of white and black, I wore this for a year and a half then everyone was doing it so decided to do red and blonde. Then I ended up deciding to have another baby so spent a few months removing the red and went with a low maintainer blonde close to my natural color.

Once my youngest was born I went back to dying my own hair again, I was dark, all bleach blonde, then did some pink, purple, teal and even did it rainbow on top for Halloween. Looked like rainbow bright for a month lol. All I did was streak in every other foil using five different fun colors then let it wash out gradually. I had really put my hair thru a beating so decided it was time to look for a new hair lady.

My hair lady had moved to Texas when I was pregnant and after I had my daughter I couldn't afford to pay high prices for highlights and I had started doing the Brazilian Keratin to my hair so I would just color it myself. When bleaching it is hard to do your own hair and not cause damage, you can't tell if you are over lapping areas that have already been bleached and since I was coloring crazy colors I was getting a lot of bleeding of colors and damage. I finally met a lady while doing an event for my baking and party planning business. I was called to do an event for Halloween at a local bar and met the lady who was doing hair and makeup for the fashion show. She is amazing and super talented with coloring. I started going to her and a couple times I threw in a cool accent color or streak, did some cool colors underneath and last season that just passes rocked the purple ombré. I decided this time I wanted to do the entire underneath dark purple and magenta. Kept my light blonde on top and actually had her throw in some extra foils to make it a little lighter for the summer.

My hair isn't damaged as bad as it should be probably but it is dry, I been trying to wear it curly more so I don't have to use blow dryer and flat iron as much, deep condition more and every trip to stylist I get a trim. Trying to grow out my hair so only have her take off a little.

Love my hair, looks amazing, right now the underneath is so dark it almost looks black but as I wash it will look more and more purple then you see chunks of magenta here and there. Love these two colors together and love pravana hair dye, lasts so much longer and is so much brighter then any colors I have ever used:). Love dying my hair different colors, get a lot of remarks and I am sure some people think I'm crazy specially being a mom a lot of other moms judge and talk about you, but I don't really care about what other people think. It's my hair and I love bright colors and changing it up:).

I will warn you when dying your hair like this to be prepared, the color runs and it will stain you, your clothes and your pillows. I have black and purple pillowcases on right now, use a dark towel for my hair when showering and wear a lot of black. A few helpful hints I have learned over the years, shout stain remover and warm water will remove the dye if you get it on your pillow cases, sheets and clothes. Be sure when washing it to use cold water, non sulfate shampoo and dark towels, always make sure the colored or dyed hair is dry before laying in bed, when dyed hair is wet it will stain. Some of you reading are probably like why when it's wet and then why does it run when it is dry, I will tell you the first couple weeks this color runs off in almost everything. My hands are purple my nails, my neck, my ears lol. Every day I have to clean my ears and neck. I have been sick since a few days after getting it colored and had a fever plus been sweating a lot due to being sick, this has made it run even more.

I have white bedding and remove it when I have my hair done till it has been washed several times. I also soak all my brushes and combs in alcohol between uses. My nails were getting purple stains and didn't want to waste my times polishing them only to get all stained up but was embarrassed by the purple stains so I used my Julep polish from last months julep maven box that is a glitter polish. It is Paris by Julep and has gold, multi color glitter that camouflages the purple very good:).

I had a issue last season when I did the ombré with staining my white pillowcase with the purple but warm wash, cold rinse and shout took it right out. I only stained a towel from the beach and two tank tops I sleep in around the collar. You really want to try to use dark towels, dark older pillowcases and wear tops that are black, purple or that you don't love. I also wrap my hair in a scarf if I am wearing a shirt I really love or if it is raining out. You also want to be careful washing your hair, especially if you have light blonde hair like I do, that is why being blonde I only dye tips or underneath, you can not wash your hair in sink or run it all together when it is dyed like this. Color bleeds. When I shower I wear a shower cap that is dark colored and on the days I wash it I usually keep it up till the end of my shower then turn water to cold rinse, shampoo with it sectioned off doing bottom first then blonde last, ring out and towel dry, trying not to wrap purple up on top of the lighter blonde. I know sounds like a pain, and it can be but it is well worth it. Once you get a couple weeks into the color and it has been rinsed a few times the color doesn't rub off as much, it is that first week or two that makes me crazy, being OCD I hate seeing dye all over me and my clothes or pillows, but I just make sure so take precautions and be prepared:).

Below is a photo from the back of my hair taken by my hair dresser. I hope to get the Brazilian keratin done before vacation if not when we get back:). Love not having to worry about frizz and taking an hour to blow dry my thick curly hair. If you wear cool colors in your hair or use pravana dye would love to hear some feed back on your color. Have you experienced running of your color and have any tips to share?

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