Saturday, June 22, 2013

Master bedroom updated photos

While I'm riding in the car decided to post a few updated pictures of my master bedroom. I started hanging stuff but still have a few things for the walls and more moroccan lanterns to hang from ceiling.

Hubby is suppose to mount our security camera tv to wall then have some cute stuff for my makeup, perfume and jewelry for top of tall dresser. I am still looking for a duvet cover, going with hotel style white with gray or turquoise trim but haven't found any I love. Also looking for a chevron or quarter foil rug on gray or turquoise.

My inspiration for colors was based on the white pillow with pink and turquoise accents. I love pink but didn't want to do too much since my hubby does also share the room with me. Want it to be calm, relaxing and feminine. Once I get my trays, crystal and mirrored pieces out on dressers and more stuff hung I think you will get the look I am going for.

Also have to hydrangea and rose floral arrangements I made in small mercury glass vases for nightstand and dresser because flowers always add that feminine look. The frame above bed will have some fabric in the turquoise and pink colors with a S for our last name, then photos of our family and daughters. I use lots of candles, I love candles and scents. I think that scents make a room feel romantic and feminine also.

Enjoy photos and check out my photography blog I started will add a link to top of page soon. Almost in North Carolina:). Spent the evening in Georgia and got a great night sleep ready for the Smoky mountains.

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