Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Toddler designer jeans

My youngest daughter is a mini me lol. My oldest wears what ever brands and when I buy her designer brands she could care less. My oldest has my old true religion and designer brand jeans, tops, shoes and carries juicy or Michael Kors purses but doesn't seem to care what brand it is, she likes all brands even Walmart and target stuff, whatever is her style and cute.

My little one is hilarious, since she has been home with me since I have been lucky enough to not work full time or much since I had her, so she is always shopping with me. I told her two days ago she needs some comfy pants or sweat pants then a couple pairs of jeans, her response momma we better go to sawgrass so I can get some juicy and True Religion. I plan to take her tomorrow to get one thing but I instantly went online and found her two pairs of jeans and two shorts along with a purple juicy couture track suit and some tops. I got the jeans and shorts from $6-20 then the juicy suit was $24 and a pair of pink pants with a cute top from juicy was $9.99. Great deals. I even gave her a hand me down pink velour juicy bag since I don't carry them anymore and her sister didn't want it. I am creating a monster lol. So happy she will be wearing uniforms to school starting this year, makes my life easier. If most people saw my closet and my daughters they would be like wow that's ridiculous when do they wear that. I can brag and say it all was way less then retail. I refuse to pay full price.

I am hands down a pro at shopping. Got myself a pair of Hudson jeans for $24 and a cute Miss Me top brand new with tags $4. I have had a heart memory locket by What's inside your heart, wanted a chain like the new popular origami owl ones, my locker is from 5-6 years ago before origami owl, a local lady invented them and hubby ordered me one, my locket is white gold and has cz around it. Anyways I found the necklace with a round locket and birthstone bead dangler for $10. Amazing price. I used my locket but plan to give away the round locket.

If interested in a great company that sells amazing locket and chains along with charms for way less message me:).

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