Sunday, June 2, 2013

General Hospital catch up and preview

Hello fellow GH fans, I wanted to take a moment to write a post since I haven't posted much since Franco returned last week. I still am amazed but kinda thought this was who it would be. When I last posted I think they were still on the haunted star, since he has been arrested and is in the holding cell at the Pt. Charles PD. Carly paid him a visit and we left off Friday with Ava, Kiki's mom paying him a visit. Sounds like Franco will stop at nothing to locate his daughter and I have a feeling Ms. Kiki will be rushing to meet him once she discovers he is alive and at the station.

Lulu got her memory back and was I relieved that she was not pregnant by Stavros. I really didn't want to hear that story line. I am sure Maxie has been hoping Lulu wouldn't get her memory back since the baby she is carrying is Spinelli's and hers. I am curious where the writers are going to go with this story line. I still think we will discover Dr. Brit Westbourne's baby is Dante and Lulu's other embryo. I think Ellie is going to be snooping and find this out which will lead to her eventually telling Maxie that will lead to Maxie unveiling the truth about her own baby.

I have read that this week Dr. Drake and Sabrina will have a date which will lead to her and Patrick getting together physically finally. I also read Dr. Drake will get into a fight and he will be diagnosing Samantha Morgan's baby Danny with a illness this month as well. Then the new Dr. Who is fighting Sam got custody of Raffe will help her with Danny once he is diagnosed.

I will continue to post on what I think is coming up and I am working on a fashion post for GH also:). Always love the ladies of Pt. Charles fashion. If you haven't read my previous posts I go more in depth on the Lulu baby story, Dr. Drake and Westbourne baby and the Alexis revealing Samantha's father possibly a Jerome family member? Keep reading and be sure to follow me. If you have a blog let me know I love to follow my readers back. Hope everyone had a great weekend.

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