Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Real Houswives of OC Lauri leopard purse

On last nights episode of Real Housewives Lauri was not only bringing the drama but she had an amazing Valentino leopard purse with gold studs. Of course unless we all marry a millionaire we can't afford a Valentino handbag, I found a cute style stealer at a sale price.

Link for bag is: http://www.lastcall.com/p/Sam-Edelman-Phoebe-Leopard-Print-Nylon-Tote-Bag/prod14850057/?ecid=LCALRFeedJ84DHJLQkR4...&ncx=n&uEm=%¯filiates%%&ci_src=14110925&ci_sku=prod14850057skuLEOPARD

I am working on my phone cause my kids are playing with the computers tonight, but I will try to edit link to just click on later, for now you will have to copy and then paste, sorry.

Below are photos of the less expensive bag that is similar and the Valentino bag carried by Lauri. What do you think? When you see the price you may be surprised:). I love animal print and paired with her gorgeous black and brown dress it was an amazing ensemble.

Dliteful trend shopping ladies:).

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