Sunday, July 7, 2013

Loving the summer

Spent the weekend at the beach with family. Enjoying every moment of this summer. Will have my regular blogs going this week with Housewife reviews, some trend stuff and working on getting everything together for my storenvy shop. Still have a few items for sale on eBay and sold everything that was in my office so I can start to get it together. This has been a great start to the summer. Posting a few beach pics I snapped with my phone. Excited cause I need a new phone and I am up for an upgrade so should have the new iPhone shortly. Also will have a bunch of photos of fireworks, butterflies, beach and more coming this and to my photography page.

Hope everyone is having a great summer also:). Working on responding to some emails about a couple links for items you have been asking about. Should have them sent out tomorrow or Tuesday. Have a great night and hope y'all have a wonderful week:).

Dlitefully yours

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