Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Sabra spicy hummus

For all you healthy eaters and dieters I normally am not a fan of hummus but my daughter got this diet plan out of a magazine and shared it with me. Has some amazing recipes, drinks and shakes, smoothies and snacks. I have been working out a lot, back awhile ago I joined a boxing, self defense type of gym and try different things on the side like running, cycling, and yoga.

I have lost twenty pounds since last summer and now want to shed ten more pounds to be back in my skinny jeans for fall. I have a hormonal imbalance which makes me tired, bloated and I retain a lot of water. In the beginning I didn't lose weight right away but I toned up and got in better shape, eventually the weight started to come off but still holding some weight in my arms and thighs. Luckily my stomach has always been flat.

Yoga, boxing, kick boxing and doing the warm ups which have burpees, mountain climbers, push ups, squats and lunges help a lot. But now I am big into healthy eating. One snack we saw was wheat crackers or low far baked pita chips with hummus I was hesitant but I found this amazing hummus. It is spicy and really makes it taste amazing. I'm hooked. I have fresh fruit like oranges, bananas and cantaloupe in the am for breakfast with juice or a smoothie, then a salad with no dressing or light walden farms dressing for lunch, hummus as a snack and protein like chicken, fish or hard boiled eggs with steamed veggies for dinner amazing:). I was up and down with my weight but let me tell you in the passed few months twenty pounds came off and I'm back in a size 6-8. Was in a 12 for awhile then would jump down to a 8-10 then back up. I have kept it off and looking into when my girls start school working out two days a week with a personal trainer.

I considered trying Hcg again but I did that before and lost 15 lbs but was so tired eating that 700-800 calorie a day diet. I can't starve myself never had to cause I have always been thinner but I guess after turning 35 and having two kids it is much harder now.

Check your local grocery store for it, Sabra hummus I get the extra spicy and it is amazing:). Great with wheat thins or low fat pita chips with sea salt. Will post some before and after pics soon.

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