Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Lifestyle and event photography

I have been addicted to photography since getting my newest camera. At first while I was learning how to use my camera I was big into landscape photos and of course my kids. I'm aspiring to be a lifestyle and event photographer. I am trying to learn and absorb as much as I can. Online has tons of courses you can take and forums to learn from other photographers.

I printed awhile ago my business plan and slowly been checking off stuff. Right now I am learning a lot about lighting, editing and everything needed to have your own business. I have an existing home office we added on awhile ago, I used it for my party planning and crafting along with storage of all my seasonal and holiday decor. During Christmas this year it became a huge mess, storing all my craft stuff from making wreaths and floral pieces, my decor and some unwanted furniture while I was updating our home.

I sold the old stuff and things I didn't need, have tons of bins for storage ad now am working little by little every day to clean, organize and set up my home office. I purchased some discs, and a couple flash drives to remove old photos from my MacBook to make room for uploading new photos and my photoshop, Lightroom and other cool software for photography.

I already have an amazing huge glass top desk I got off Craigslist and two desk chairs, some white cabinets for storage and I have a cute silver old fashioned lamp, desk top organizers and more. I have OCD so I have tons of organization stuff. I got a cute sign that says success is the best revenge to hang over desk along with a cute old mirror I turned it to a message, cork board.

I am excited about transforming my home office. This will give me a desk and work area for editing, printing and working on photos. The room is very long so I have another area that currently has a Murphy bed that looks like a cabinet along with a chair and table for lounging, I plan to turn this area into a mini studio. I want to get backdrops and make a frame for backdrops so I can take photos in my office. Already have some lighting and props I have saved or made, I want to be able to use this space to take photos that I wouldn't be on location for. I think for now it is the perfect size and place.

I'm excited to be able to capture families special moments and capture them in creative ways that they will be able to cherish forever:). I have always wanted to be able to capture engagement, senior, newborn, children, family, and event photographs. Since my first daughter was born and we had her photos done I have always been one who invades the photo studio with my ideas and took over the shoot. Not every photographer liked this but I always had ideas of how I wanted the photos to look. When we did our first family photos I had so many ideas the photographer told me I should consider buying a camera and trying photography myself.

A couple years ago I did some pinup style photos for my hubby as a Valentine's day present and was so impressed by the studio, the way they had everything set up from makeup, wardrobe, and props I decided this was something that I really needed to get into. For now I am excited to just be learning, getting experience and taking amazing photos of my own family. I do hope to one day have an amazing business and be able to share my passion for photography with others.

Below are just a couple photos I took recently. I have had a lot going on since I got home from our vacation in NC and haven't been able to be fully focused on everything but I am not ready to dive in. Hoping to finish the office in the next two weeks before we go away again, then when the kids start school I plan to take several classes learning photography and editing. My goal is to by the holidays have my business up and running fully. For now I am always ready to take photos, I carry my camera with me almost everywhere and am taking my kids on outings to places I can capture amazing memories. I have enlisted my family and friends to be models for me allowing me to photograph their families or events, this way I get lots of practice. I have already had several occasions that have taught me a lot about what I need and what I had not thought of or been prepared for.

I will be posting a lot of photos to my blog that I started that is focused on photography, and I will update here often. This blog is more geared towards fashion, trends, home decor and my baking/crafts or design stuff. I don't want to drift away from that too much so that is why I decided to start the other blog.

Enjoy and hope everyone is having some sunshine where you are, it has been gloomy and raining here all week so far.

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