Monday, July 15, 2013

Sorry for my recent absence

Recently I have been very busy with both my girls home from school, we had vacation, then July 4 BBQ and hubby's birthday. Things have just been hectic, plus my oldest had cheer camp and both girls are playing basketball. I also have been working on learning as much as I can about photography, editing, and working on an event.

I have some stuff to review, along with some other write ups on GH and some fashion watch stuff for some shows and designers. I promise by mid week I will have some free time to update blog and post more stuff.

Also have some great photos to post here and on my photography blog along with some exciting news:). I'm very excited about a lot of new stuff I have going on but while my girls are out of school for the summer, and both will be in school full time starting in August we have one more trip and trying to spend as much quality time with my loves as I can before that all starts. Once school starts I will be diving in full steam with photography. Already have my business plan, working on contracts, getting more knowledge and equipment, cleaning my work space out to have a mini in home studio with everything from backdrops, lighting, props and more.

I'm also baking and working events when they come around to get out there and network some more. Thru networking I have met a lot of amazing people in the passed and this will only help me build up the photography as well. I believe I have found something I love and am passionate about, like decorating and baking but more achievable with my schedule, that I feel is maybe what I have been looking for for awhile. I have put off a lot of things to raise my girls and now that they will both be in school it's time to go after my dreams and build my career. I have found myself over the passed three years and am happy with everything in my life, super excited to share with all of you soon:).

Hope you had a wonderful weekend and hope you and I have a successful blessed week ahead. Good things are coming I can feel it:)

While I have been on hiatus I found this cute etsy shop called Pebby Forevee here are some cute tops I liove ordered one and can't wait to get it. Think I posted a couple awhile back also. Etsy rocks. 

Update: 2015 wow it is cool to find this since I am always accused of copying certain people. I knew I had been wearing these tees for awhile ordered my first tee which was a vneck off etsy and then I have a off the shoulder cut. Didn't even realize they were by the same company but pulled them out and says Pebby Forevee! 

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