Thursday, July 18, 2013

Fall is around the corner

Today while shopping at Walmart and Joann's I saw all the fall stuff coming out. Grabbed a couple small white pumpkins for some centerpieces and wreaths then a Febreeze fall scented plug in. Been smelling it since I got home and has me in fall mode.

I am cleaning my office/studio and a lot of my craft stuff is left overs from fall/winter wreaths and floral decor. I can't wait to start making wreaths for Halloween and fall. Already laying some out. I can't believe summer will be over in a month and the kids will be back in school. This year my youngest starts kindergarten and I will be pursuing photography full time. Enrolling in a photography course and hoping to have my office organized and half set up as a studio for my photography. Got some great stuff I found on Craigslist and ideas from pinterest for making backdrops and props.

Last year was dealing with a lot of stress and trying to figure out how to grow my business or find my calling. Now it is amazing to see how much j have learned and grown in a year. I am very content and happy. Feeling independent, creative and ready to go after my dreams.

A lot is coming in the next month or two and I am ready for everything:). So grateful for my hubby, family and amazing friends who have been by my side thru thick and thin. In the end happiness and success is the best reward:). I have been blessed to stay home with my youngest only working with my own business and took a year to pursue teaching which wasn't for me, but I am happy I pursued it and learned that I need to have a job I love and am passionate about.

Have a great evening all,

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