Sunday, July 21, 2013

Summer beach day fun photos

Today my hubby finally had a day off and we met my cousin along with her family at the beach. Here are a couple photos to share, more coming soon as well as my Birchbox review, some early fall art, home office updates and camera equipment reviews.

Been working on a photography position and sent out resumes along with some other applications excited to hear back. I dream of having my own studio and am doing work for family friends and past event and design clients to build my portfolio. This week have a shoot with two adorable boys on location at a grey scenic park. Excited to show my first photos that aren't landscaping or personal photos from vacation and family:).

Had a terrific weekend and planning an amazing week. God has blessed me and answered so many prayers, had a lot going on that wasn't even necessary and really all bs but I knew it would work out cause I know what's right and a lie. Remember everyone treat others as you want to be treated, do good and good will come your way, karma exists, and always be honest.

Happy clicking all,

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