Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Tuesday Trending

Happy Tuesday to all, wanted to quickly share my outfit posts and my new face mask addiction with everyone. 

Graphic tee is by Pam & Gela, my striped grey and white pencil skirt is from www.Taralynnsboutique.com. You can order this or many other hot fall trends using my promo code, WANDERLUST to save 15% off your order. 

Here is a preview of a few of the amazing new styles I got from Tara Lynn's Boutique. The left is the grey and white cotton, totally comfy pencil skirt called the Easy Breezy, middle is the red button me up pencil skirt and the right one is a grid black and white patterned Cassie skirt. WANDERLUST is the promo code and she also has some amazing long sleeve tops, dresses, skirts and accessories all great for your fall and winter wardrobe. 

Monday I started the week with my Friday I'm in Love graphic tee, you can follow her on Instagram @Fridayiminlovexo and message for ordering details. Available in cream or charcoal. Faux perforated suede vest with fringe is from Target. 

My chokers are both made by Ettika jewelry. The top one is black onyx and available at www.shopbop.com. Bottom one is the tiger eye dropped feather charm and you can purchase at www.southmoonunder.com.  Ettika jewelry is launching their sister store Charged Jewelry you can follow them on Instagram @Chargedjewelry. 

They are giving away 101 prizes which includes on grand prize gift certificate then 100 bracelets to the winners. Enter here: http://woobox.com/8mjipc/hwrtoe

My jeans from my Monday outfit are Silver Jeans Co flare jeans with raw unfinished hem and exposed buttons. They give the vintage look and vibe I was going for. Bracelets are Sashka Co. These are hand made in Nepal and you can use my WANDERLUST25 for 25% off at www.Sashkaco.com.

My most recent Rocksbox arrived and loving my Kendra Scott gold and rose gold long pendant necklace. You can get your free trial month with no strings attached using my code MELISSASBFF10 now.  www.rocksbox.com

Pam & Gela lace up sweatsuit in blue from their huge warehouse sale. Necklaces Kendra Scott and bracelets are Alex & Ani with the matching rose gold Kendra Scott cuff.

Rose gold charmed arms by Alex & Ani with one Kendra Scott cuff at top. 

My mask obsession is by Beauty Stones, I tried out and then posted here several times on their Green tea facial mask for acne prone skin, my teen daughter has had issues with break outs for a few years being a teen and having hormonal changes as well as being a makeup lover, she has been using this mask for over a month now twice a week and has seen amazing results.  These masks are mess free and easy to apply, you simply place the mask on your face and then let sit, I have to adjust the eye holes cause they are small but it depends on the person.  After letting it sit for 20-30 minutes we then massage the remaining product after removing the mask into the skin.  My daughter and I both have sensitive skin, and usually any products for acne cause redness, irritation and drying but this product is opposite.  Neither my daughter nor myself had any additional or abnormal break outs like you will have sometimes when starting a new product.  My daughter noticed right away a change in her skin, her red scars or marks from past acne began to lighten in the first week, her skin was noticeably softer, smoother and after two weeks she has noticed less breakouts and even during that time of the month which is when she would get the most irritation or acne flare ups.  She has now only been using the mask and discontinued her prior acne treatment products, she uses a daily facial wash for acne by Neutrogena and then her morning moisturizer with the use of the mask 2-3 times a week.  The honey mask below is a new product I just received but will be using this month and will have a review on the Honey mask coming soon,  I want to try it for at least 2-3 times or even maybe for 2 weeks so I can give you a good idea of the results.  I highly recommend to Green Tea mask for acne prone skin or if you had acne, wanting to reduce redness or old scars, prevent break outs, even skin tone and moisturize.  

You can purchase these masks at www.unearthbeautystones.com  and use my code DLITE15 for 15% off your order.  If you have any questions feel free to email me, comment below and you can scroll down a few posts to see my daughter's video applying the mask to show you how simple and mess free it is and read more on our review of the Green Tea Mask.  You can also follow Beauty Stones on Instagram @unearthyourinnerbeauty

Have an amazing week everyone. Peace, love and light always xoxo.

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