Saturday, October 1, 2016

Charged Jewelry Contest

Ettika jewelry is launching their sister brand Charged Jewelry and in honor of the launch they are giving away a Grand Prize gift certificate along with 100 bracelets to 100 lucky winners.  You can enter by clicking my link:

I received my first bracelet the Rose Quartz which is charged for your heart and love.  I also have the blue one coming for peace.  These bracelets are handmade and then sent to Sedona to be charged before being shipped to you for wearing or stacking.  Everyone can always use some positive charge or vibes in their life.  They have all of my favorite stones and gems, in all the colors you can think of.  I love stacking bracelets so these are ideal for me.

You can enter daily for more chances to win.

Also make sure to follow them on IG @Chargedjewelry.  Good luck to all and can't wait to see everyone rocking these amazing bracelets soon.  Have a great weekend xoxo, peace love and light always.

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