Thursday, October 13, 2016

Affordable Trendy Fall Ankle Boots

ZooShoo Ankle Boots
By: Mi.iM

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These boots exceeded my expectations last year in Fall I ordered a pair of Strappy ankle boots in Slate by the same brand Mi.iM and they were amazing.  Quality and fit was perfection as well as looking exactly like a very popular style that I had seen by several brands for over $150 and I got them for under $40.  Again this year I decided to check to see if the same designer had a style like another designer brand pair of boots I loved, I had seen them last summer but didn't need any more boots.  This year I was on the hunt to replace a lot of my older styles and wanted multiple designs, styles and colors.  I invested in two designer brands but wanted to get some affordable options so I would be able to get multiple looks for less.  I found these in black and ordered them but they were sold out, I was sad when they contacted me but saw the nude ones pictured here so I went for it.  I am so happy I did because these are my new favorite boots.  They are under $40 and if you use my link above and below you can save $10 and get them for under $30.  ZooShoo's has many other amazing styles from designers to more affordable brands.

The faux suede looks amazing, you would never know looking at these that they are not real suede, and the silver toe detail is perfection.  They run true to size, I always go up a half a size with boots just in case I wear with socks during the winter and these fit me perfectly.  They are comfortable and the ankle cut out doesn't rub on my ankle causing discomfort like I was worried about with this style. I have a black pair by another brand and a little different, they don't have the silver tip toe but they have a fringe zipper detail and trim around the cut out ankle, you can see on my social media feeds from  I will be featuring more styles and brands from them coming soon.  Hoping they restock the black in my size or even better Mi.iM designs a  new style like the newest Jeffrey Campbell's with the stud details.

To save $10 off your order use this link:

Promise these shoes will be your new favorites and the quality will impress you if you are like me and purchase affordable options along with a few staple higher end and price point boots.  I can honestly say these are hard to tell that they are a more affordable boot they look just as nice as my high purchases that I paid from $130-300 for.

Happy shopping and let me know if you order some ZooShoo shoes, I have had an amazing experience with them a few times and I am about to order more shoes today.  Peace, love and light always everyone xoxo

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  1. Showing lots of love on your blog today, been sick decided to catch up on some of your older posts and love them.