Thursday, October 20, 2016

Receive $5 off at Charged Jewelry

Charged Jewelry

Use my exclusive link for $5 off at Charged Jewelry.

I am wearing the rose quartz to charge your heart, they have lots of amazing stones and colors all with different meanings.  You are sure to find one that speaks to you or a favorite color.  I know I want one of each, love a nice arm stack and these are gorgeous stacked together.

The Gold symbols are a + and -, plus and minus for balance.  Each bracelet is handmade then sent off to Sedona to be charged, then delivered to you with amazing good energy and vibes.

These make amazing gifts also for your friends and family.  I got my mom her birthstone and then an onyx for strength.

They have the Orange, Carnelian for charging your creativity and this will be my next purchase,
Fossil Jasper for your health, Dalmatian Jasper for your truth, Amazonite (my first choice in light blue) charge your peace,  Lapis for you luck, Amethyst (third choice after the above rose) charge your dreams, Aventurine (forth choice) charge your possibilities, Opal to charge your journey, Rose Quartz charge your heart, Tiger Eye for your mind, and Onyx mentioned above to charge your strength.  Right now if you go to their site to use my $5 off code you can get the Onyx for free with your order, A code will pop up once you add it to your cart.  See lots of choices and lots of great charges for everyone you care about and love.  XOXO

Happy Shopping, and remember if you can not find a stone that stands out you can always pick the mystery stone, then leave some info about yourself or the person you are ordering the stone for they will pick out one of the stones they think is best for you and send as a surprise.  Love that especially for ordering a present.  Enjoy the $5 off and these amazing new bracelets.  I will be sharing more photos once my other colors arrive.  I have the light blue and green, amethyst, onyx and fossil jasper coming my way soon.  These take about six weeks right now to be made then charged and delivered to you.  Peace Love and Light always to everyone xoxo.  Thank you for your support to everyone for entering the contests using my links and using my codes or links when shopping.  It means the world to me.  Muah xoxo 

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